Tipsy Thursday – The Mocktail Version

Did you think I was holding out on you all wedding present wise?

Well I figured today would be the day that I blabbed about one that I have been eyeing for years!

If you guessed the Jack  LaLanne Juicer…you’d be right-o!

It didn’t take me long to bust that thing right out of the box and whip me up some fresh apple juice!

Why apple juice? Because that was the only juice-able fruit I had on hand.

But then I thought sour green apple + sour lime could be amazing!

So I hooked up Juicy (as I have so lovingly named her), and was ready to juice up a few green apples and half a lime and see what kind of concoction could be made!

The juice came out and tasted delicious! It was sweet, refreshing and perfect for summer.

I then decided I wanted something more like a mocktail.

The final product… 

My Sour Apple Mocktail with a twist of lime: 

  • half a glass of juiced green apples & lime
  • half glass of Lime Perrier
Easy…and delicious! I absolutely LOVE the new juicer and can’t wait to whip up something even more daring!!
Juicer Tip:  
For easier cleanup, put a plastic bag in the container that the pulp falls into. Then you can just pull the bag out and throw away. It’s one less piece to clean!

Best tip ever given to me from Beyond Destination 26.2 Mom!!! There are so many parts to clean when it comes to juicing, even saving one step from cleaning saves on time!

Are you the juicing type? What’s your favorite juicing combination?


Happy Tipsy Thursday!! Did you miss my last Tipsy Thursday? How to make an Almond Milk White Russian. 🙂


8 thoughts on “Tipsy Thursday – The Mocktail Version

  1. We have a juicer. I don’t use it often, but I do love it. That’s a great tip with the bag in the back. Will have to try that, because it is alot to clean up (maybe why we don’t use it much).

    Carrot juice, with an apple, is fantastic. I also like to add a beet to things. So yummy. Maybe beet, carrot, celery, and an apple. The apple seems to add just the right amount of sweetness.

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