The Epic-ness of 18

There are not a lot of words to describe my solo 18 miler run on Saturday except for Epic-ness!

Pure epic-ness!


I set out bright and early Saturday morning without even a full route scoped out, but that didn’t stop me from running my little heart out.

I set out with a good attitude to get it done, and was super surprised when several hours later I was finishing up my run like no big thang.

Yup, almost four hours later I had finished up one of the most epic runs of my life.


During my long runs I have typically hit a wall somewhere around mile 14 or 16 and just kept waiting for it to happen during my run. But it never did happen.

I was challenged around mile 16.5 when I found myself running against the grain in yet another Saturday morning race on the greenbelt. I thought the struggle of weaving through a hundred people and having to shuffle through the grass for half a mile would have made that last 2 miles a struggle.

Nope, every little challenge and small hiccup along the way made me laugh and I managed to push through with out any problems.


I must have been experiencing some sort of crazy runners high because I was seriously dancing in the streets and singing tunes of happiness by the end of this run.


I am not exactly sure what made this run so different than any other long runs I have done before, but I am now definitely pumped for the marathon!

But I think the importance of my longest solo run to date is the fact that I really am stronger than I know. 039

There are no more doubts or no more hesitations that I can’t take on this beast of a marathon in less than a month.

I proved to myself on Saturday that I am strong enough to accomplish this upcoming marathon and this time having trained completely solo!

Happy Running my friends!!!


And on another happy note, I would like to wish Beyond Destination 26.2 Mom a happy birthday!


She has inspired me to put my mind to anything & everything in life and has always been a huge support system for me.

Mom, I appreciate everything you have done for me & taught me, and just for being the best mom a girl could ask for! I love you more than spaghetti! 😉


Hope you all have a great & happy Monday!


13 thoughts on “The Epic-ness of 18

  1. Looks like someone spiked your gatorade! lol

    congrats on 18 miles. that is friggin awesome. I have not ran over 6 miles solo since I started training with my group.

    but u inspired me. i wanna do a long solo run!

    and happy birthday to your mom

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