Wedding Shoe Showcase

Okay — So doing a whole post on wedding shoes seems a bit redundant since I’ve already featured a few pics of my wedding shoes.

But I still thought it would be fun to put it all together, so you could see the vision as a whole.


I had several ideas on what I wanted me wedding shoes to look like. I was thinking sparkly, pink, funky & fun. Try finding all that in the middle of January!

I decided I wasn’t going to worry about my wedding shoes until closer to the date. That is until a girl’s weekend landed me in Salt Lake City, Utah. And of course we had to find The Nordstrom’s Rack.


One pair of these glittery goodness, were sitting alone on the clearance rack. It was seriously like the sky above parted, a light was shining down and them and angels were singing.

These weren’t the shoes I had in mind, but once I saw them I immediately knew they were my wedding shoes!


Now let’s talk about J. Alabama’s wedding shoe choice.


It was about three weeks into our wedding planning and I had shot down quite a few of his ideas. Red flowers? What? That totally doesn’t mesh with my pink, yellow & silver vision.

Anyways, he joked with me about him and the groomsmen all wearing Vibram FiveFingers with their tuxes. I felt bad about nixing the red flowers, and laughingly said sure…why not?!


That pretty much opened up Pandora’s box…and the toe shoe theme continued.

We even went so far as to incorporate the toe shoes into our personal first look photos. We both love running, and thought this would be a clever way for us to show that.

And we even decided to take them for a little spin. It sure helped with the pre-wedding jitters.


We only had to do a few re-takes of this shot. Can I count that in my mileage?


Now all together..the boys + the bride



Time for the bridesmaids shoe wear!


Since I opted to let the bridesmaids each pick a different style of dress I thought having the same shoe would bond them together.


Cute Target shoes…which I think were only like $25 bucks. I love how they looked with the whole bridesmaid ensemble.

(Which you will have to wait for yet another post to see the whole look all together!)


The shoe’s of the parent’s of the bride…woah that’s a mouthful!


My mother was over the moon about her fabulous pink shoes! They matched perfectly with the wedding colors, and helped bring a pop of color to her black Mother of the Bride’s dress.

Mixed in with my Dad’s wing tips…it was rockin!


I wasn’t sure how the wing tips would look with my dad’s pinstripe suit until it was all put together. And man, oh man, was I almost in tears when I saw him and my mother.

They looked absolutely gorgeous together. And the wingtips gave my dad the ultimate mobster Italian look! Since we’re Italian that was definitely the look I was hoping for.


The shoes were a small but fun detail of our wedding, which all came together better than I could have imagined.

My wedding advice to any bride-to-be…have fun with your wedding. And make it YOURS. The toeshoes seemed silly, and I’m sure got a few scoffs from people who didn’t “get” it, but we didn’t care. It was a symbol of us and something we both love to do, and that was super important to us.

I hope you enjoyed the wedding shoe showcase. I know I did! 🙂

Happy Hump Day Friends!!!


Photos by Greg Hoskins, of Boise Idaho.

10 thoughts on “Wedding Shoe Showcase

  1. I love how unique everyone’s shoe choices were, and how they added special touches to your wedding day. Congratulations!

    I’m not really a shoe person, but I’ve got three pairs that I’m wearing for my wedding on Saturday! 🙂

  2. As a shoe addict I absolutely love this post. I would totally buy your wedding shoes too but also the shoes for the bridesmades. Love them too.

    And .. here’s my challenge for you. You mentioned on Heidi’s blog that you will be out of town for work next week. I suppose you will be leaving on Monday? I challenge you to be active at least 30 minutes long a day while on your business trip till the 21st. This can be done in the gym of your hotel, or exercising in your room, a 30-minute walk before or after dinner is good enough for me too.

    Are you ready to take the challenge?

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