Three Things Thursday: Random Runners Edition

I haven’t really done a Three Thursday in awhile, and had a few random running related things to share. So here goes…

1. New Nathan Running Belt


You may or may not have noticed that I have been wearing my camelback lately for long runs. Well that was actually due to the fact that my amphipod running belt bit the dust.

As in, I every time I wear it it slides up, or down, the velcro on the belt is falling off, and the bottles fall out while I’m running…etc. It has been driving me crazy.


So I knew it was time for a new belt! And I can’t even wait to give it a try this weekend!

2. Running Medal Holder


Linzi’s Running Medals…has a nice ring to it I think!

I was super excited when I saw Tina had purchased one of these about a month ago. I realized that I had a few medals lying around and no official home for them.


So I immediately jumped on the Etsy train and bought this lovely thing. It arrived within a few days of buying it. I love that it is customized specifically for me and that it motivates me to run more races that give out medals!

3. Marathon #2!!!!

Now that I have a medal holder to fill up…LOL! I’ve been talking about it, and training for it…but to a few people’s surprise -wasn’t exactly registered for the big marathon until yesterday.

Crazy right?! Well I really really wanted to make this marathon happen, but with my crazy summer of weddings and everything else, I never quite fully committed.


Until my superstar 18 miler last weekend, which gave me all the confidence I needed to just bite the bullet.

So as of yesterday, I ‘m officially registered to run in The City of Trees Marathon in Boise, Idaho on October 9th!

There’s no stopping me now!


Happy Random Running Thursday! 🙂

13 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday: Random Runners Edition

  1. So awesome Linz! Where did you pick that running belt up at? I’m in dire need of one, but I have the same problem with it sliding up. Keep it up girl, you’re gonna rock that marathon in a few weeks!

  2. love the belt and the medal holder. I neeeed something like that! my medals are just hanging on a nail. hahaha

    and congrats for signing up! yay that is awesome. u will do great!

  3. I need a medal holder, my kids run around with them like it’s a toy, I worked damn hard for those ;-).
    Congrats on the registration, you are going to do fantastic!

  4. I kinda struggled with a challenge for you as I know you’re under different circumstances this week. So you get a bit of a variety. 😉

    I challenge you to:
    * Take the stairs whenever possible, and if at all possible, avoid all elevators/escalades and such in favour of a more physical option.
    * Do 10 minutes of strength moves at least 3 days(though I have faith you could do this for 5 days – heheee) while you’re away (sit-ups, push-ups, planks, lunges, etc.)
    * Share your tips for healthy eating while travelling for work.

    Go Linzi!! And have a great time.

  5. I want one of everything you talked about 🙂 I actually ordered that running belt in pink only to be told that they didn’t have it in stock! I cancelled the order and got the brand “fuel belt” instead but the bottles are smaller and I am not liking it! I might actually start with the camelbak again as I am now back to t-shirts in this colder weather! I liked having water available all the time 🙂

  6. Woohoo congrats to signing up for your second marathon. Can’t wait to see how this one goes for you.

    I love that medal rack, I’ve seen it on another blog too but can’t buy it here.

  7. I love my Nathan sprint handheld. They make nice hydration products.

    My husband gave me an Allied medal holder as a wedding gift. I will be doing a post about it at some point in time. 🙂

    Congrats on registering for your second marathon! I can’t wait to hear how it goes!

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