Getting Polished!

Amidst all the crazy & fun wedding activities leading up to the big day, I was gifted an extraordinarily thoughtful & amazing gift.

My Aunt & Uncle gifted my bridal party + myself & mom to a day at the spa for pre-wedding pedi’s & mani’s.


Upon arrival I was adorned with a pink boa! Every bride should get to wear a pink boa the day before their wedding. 🙂


Our spa day was complete with a special Peach Delicious spritzer concoction, of the alcoholic variety of course!

It was a tasty mix of champagne, fresca, and peach schnapps that my Aunt made up special for our ladies day! Cheers!


It was great fun being pampered before the big day.

And I’ll tell you this, my poor feet needed it with all the marathon training beating I was giving it all summer.


It was such a relaxing way to kick off the wedding weekend.

And I couldn’t have been more grateful for this chance to bond once more with my bridesmaids, aunt & mom as my last day as a single lady.


Us ladies definitely had a blast getting our toes and nails done!

Wedding Teaser…I gifted the girls with these fab aviators to wear during our wedding party photos.


You’ll have to wait for a future post on how they looked with the bridal attire.

I think they liked them! And the champagne drink too!  022

And a huge thanks to my Aunt & Uncle for this great gift. I will always remember this gift as it was such a very special experience.



I am still in disbelief that this fun day happened two months ago! It truly is amazing how time flies when you are having fun.

The final foot photo…check out those lovely toesies!


I appreciate this gift because of the time I got to spend with these special people in my life. I will never forget it!

Thank you Uncle R & Aunt B! You guys are the bestest!


What is a memorable wedding gift you have given? Or for the married peeps…What is one memorable wedding gift  you’ve received? 

I’m asking because I was invited to two more weddings next month and would like to think outside the gift registry box if possible. I loved the idea of a gift that was an experience/memory that I will never ever forget!


6 thoughts on “Getting Polished!

  1. What a fabulous gift from your aunt and uncle! I paid for my mom’s mani and pedi the day before I got married. 🙂

    I’ll have to get back to you regarding the most meaningful wedding gift we’ve received. A shower gift that we’ve used a lot already has been the cutlery set my husband’s parents gave us. I’m excited to use the fine china and KitchenAid mixer my parents gave us for the wedding. 🙂

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