Gimme Five (x 4)

Five + five + five + five = 20

025 028


As in 20 miles ran… all by myself.

I think that deserves at least a high five wouldn’t you agree?

Oh yeah, and apparently some Gatorade.


This is crazy me doing my Gatorade happy dance after my long run.

I set out on Saturday morning to run my longest solo run ever. And it was blazing hot, and I wasn’t entirely motivated– but all that matters is that I did it.


Running Stats:

  • Hours ran: 4 hours + 27 minutes
  • Gu’s eaten: 3 + a few honey stinger chews
  • Times I got lost on my run: 2
  • Best Flash back running song: Milli Vanilli’s “Girl you know it’s True” & David Bowie’s “Under Pressure”
  • Best Feeling: Seeing an old (as in 70+) man running on the greenbelt in the heat, running in jean shorts with a huge smile and determination on his face
  • Times I wanted to quit: 1 million
  • Average Pace: 12:20/mile (lots of walking breaks toward the end)
  • Chaffing incidents: only 1 under the sports bra


It was a great run in the fact that I never let my want to quit take over. I just kept reminding myself that this is the last big run before the marathon, and that I’ve got this!

Oh yeah – I’ve got this. 2 more weeks and I will be calling myself a marathoner for the second time in my life.

I’m pumped and I’m ready to take on this race. Once I cross that finish line on October 9th, I guarantee I will be ready for some high fiving and a happy dance!

Happy Running Friends!

* In case you noticed in the pictures, I ended up running with my camelback to ensure that I would have enough water for my long run. I still plan on running with my new running belt for the actual marathon though.

16 thoughts on “Gimme Five (x 4)

  1. Only 1 high five? Girl you deserve 4 high fives, 1 for every 5 miles. Excellent, excellent run! You are so ready and strong for your marathon in two weeks.

    The old man running made me smile. I hope that when we’re of that age we will be running too with the same smile on our face.

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