Sweaty September Indeed!

Thank you all for your kind and encouraging words about our big move. Reading all your comments yesterday totally made my day. 🙂


And now onto my Sweaty September recap

Wowza! I think September was just about as crazy as July & August combined. Crazy sauce I tell ya!

I kicked off the month with a weekend road trip to Las Vegas…


Where lots of wedding fun ensued!


I hit my crazy runners high a few times too.

032 009


Long Runs: 10 miles after work, 18 miles and the big bad 20 miler!


Mama Lotus and I hit up 3 more belly dancing classes!

Shaking those hips!

We had a blast taking these classes together. And it really worked some core muscles I didn’t know even know I had!


I traveled to Northern Idaho for a week long work conference!

I even managed to squeeze in a workout or two.  I ran the stairs in my rival colleges’ football stadium…too fun!


I threw in some other random fitness related activities…

Aerial Yoga (report coming soon), a zumba class, a spinning class and 3 hot yoga sessions.


Oh yeah, and we found out we are moving to Georgia!

So it’s been crazy town over here.

You know packing,  trying to get all of our military stuff figured out, getting our cars ready for the drive, training for the marathon, putting in notice at my job & finishing up some last minute projects, and just generally tying up loose ends.


Being gone 9 days out of September I thought for sure I’d bomb my mileage for the month.

Miraculously I had my my highest mileage month of the year!


{70.25 miles }  <— Great considering the craziness of this past month.

All and all it was a great month and I’m happy with the results.

October Goals:

Next month brings many things..but the main one is Marathon #2 on October 9th! So excited it will be here before I know it.


Wishing you all the best in your goals for October! And have a great weekend. 


8 thoughts on “Sweaty September Indeed!

  1. Look at all that activity in September, and way to hit the high mileage even with everything else going on. You’re a fine example of fitting it in.

    YAY for marathon month!!!

  2. Great month with all the traveling! I ended up being at work for 9 days in September! With Labor day off and then the time off for the honeymoon this month really flew by!

  3. I agree with Marlene… you prove to us all that we can stay active while juggling busy lives.

    I bet all that running amidst all the work, traveling and moving related activities was a great stress reliever!

    Good luck with your marathon on the 9th! You’ll rock it!

  4. Excellent sweaty month Linzi. Congrats on your mileage, must feel good for you.

    What I love about you is that you’re always trying new things and tell us about it. You are always very enthousiastic.

    Have a great month, it’s going to be an exciting one with marathon number 2 and the move.

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