Running 8 is grrrreat…

Especially with a mate!


And especially if your running mate is also a marathoner who is running a marathon next Sunday!

I was SO excited when my friend Kat called to tell me she was in town for the weekend and wanted to run with me while she was here.

I was even more excited when I realized we both have a marathon to run on October 9th. #marathonbuddies


We took the run slow and steady…I was actually having a hard time and needed lots more walking breaks than usual.


But luckily Kat was cool with it, and we just took it slow and managed to talk the whole run.

She was in town for the big game, and was stoked when we ran past this guy. She begged me to snap his photo. Some type of Bronco Transformer guy?


Not sure but we loved it and thought it was hilarious!


We finished our 8.75 miles in roughly 1 hour 45 minutes.  A wee bit slower than usual, but it’s taper time so I’m okay with taking it easy.

And honestly time has never mattered too much to me except for a way to gage my progress. I’m shooting to average 5-5.5 miles per hour during the actual marathon.


Running with Kat really motivated me for this upcoming Marathon. She was actually the person who inspired me to get involved with Team in Training last year and run my first marathon.

So running with her on Saturday gave me that little zap of motivation and encouragement that I needed mentally to get me through this next week.


And though we are running marathons in completely different states, we are starting at the same exact time (8:00 MST). We couldn’t be more excited!

Come October 9th she will be running her 6th marathon and I will be running my 2nd! It’s almost here!! 🙂


Happy Running Friends! 


11 thoughts on “Running 8 is grrrreat…

  1. i am soooo excited for you to be running your second mnarathon! that is amazing. i remember this time last year we were both tapering for our first. how time flies!

    great job on your 8+ miler!

  2. It’s so close now your second marathon! I’m excited for you too. And what a great way to do your taper run with a good friend. In fact you will be running together next Sunday, maybe not physical but definitely mentally.

    Enjoy taper week!

  3. It was so great running with you! You will have an amazing race this weekend and I will be thinking of you while I’m running through the streets of Portland..
    Kick some assphalt!

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