Wedding Party Pics


As you’ve probably noticed, I’ve kind of drug this Wedding Wednesday” thing out for quite awhile now. (I started my WW series just two weeks after the start of the year, and have been going strong ever since).

I’ve absolutely loved it. I look forward to each Wednesday as a way to capture my feelings and emotions that revolved around such a special and life changing day.

Though I admit, I’m drawing real close to the final WW post, but today’s not it. YAY!


Today’s post will be a happy post showcasing the fun pre-wedding, Wedding Party Pics.

Here is the color pop teaser photo…


The vibrant pink and yellow color combo definitely made me smile.

And so did my lovely (& handsome)  bridesmaids! 😉



Now all together with the flower girl!



Here are the guys, all tuxed out! Yeah!!




No photo shoot is complete without the crazy fun photos. Am I right?



We gifted a pair of rockin’ aviators to all members of our wedding party. And had our photog snap some silly shots.

J. Alabama and the ‘maids. Yeahhh!!




Serious shot of the boyz and I.


There it is… all smiles!


So much love and awesome in these photos!


Well I maybe dragging out my Wedding Wednesday’s,  but the feeling I get when I write these posts and then later look back on them make me more than smile.

They make me feel happy, loved and all sorts of awesome!


Happy {Wedding} Wednesday from J. Alabama, I and the Gang!


8 thoughts on “Wedding Party Pics

  1. LOVE them! I love that color combo. Everything seemed to just work out so well for your special day. I don’t care if you drag WW through the rest of the year. Love it.

  2. So cute! I love the pink! When my best friend got married I totally thought we were going to wear pink dresses since her colors were pink, but we didn’t and I was kind of sad about that because I love pink (even tho it is so not my color).

  3. Those photos are soooo cute! The colors are amazing and the clarity is really good. I can’t wait to see more of them. I also can’t wait to see you on Friday. I miss you tons already.

  4. I love it Linzi, such a perfect choice for the bridesmades dresses because of the bright colors that matched perfect with the flowers. You all looked so happy.

    And … I can’t get enough of the Wedding Wednesday either, love it every week.

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