Thursday Thoughts: The Marathon Edition

Heyyyyyyy!! Remember this from last year?


Marathon Motivation:

I’m amping myself up any way that I know how.

I decided to put some mental reminders around the house from my first marathon last year.  You know, for good ju-ju or whatever.


The cute Linzi hanger was a bridesmaid gift from my friend Ashley.


My one and only marathon medal… Love it!

*There is nothing more motivating than re-reading over the race recap. Don’t mind if I do!


Now if that doesn’t work, than maybe this will!


Just in the nick of time. I won a prize off Marlene’s blog awhile back and it came yesterday chock full of marathon motivation. In the form of fuel and goodies!

Thanks Marlene!


And now here’s the kicker…

I’ve been battling with this since Tuesday night,


and I need it to stop. Like right now.

My daily mile account has a record of zero miles logged this week and zero workouts due to this silly cold.

Can I run a marathon with a cold?

I’m hoping and praying that this thing plays itself out by tomorrow and that I am 100% by Sunday morning.


So the marathon motivation is in in highest right now over at my place, though there doesn’t seem to be enough tissues. But that’s going to stop…and it will stop today friends.

I will be healthy and full energy as I run my marathon on Sunday. Oh yes, I will!  (How’s that for positive thinking?)

Wish me luck!


Something that made me smile this morning…

Our vibram wedding pictures are being featured over at the MyFiveFingers blog today. Go check it out! 🙂


14 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts: The Marathon Edition

  1. I hope you feel better by tomorrow… there is an important lunch to attend :). Dustin has a cold as well and so do some of my co-workers. It definitely seems to be going around. I’m sending some positive healing vibes your way right now.

  2. Eek sorry about the cold. I have one too and it sucks. Thankfully I have one more week to go before my marathon. I hope you feel better soon… pop that Vitamin C!

  3. drink lots of green tea and orange juice. that always helps me!
    love that tshirt. I want one. I need one too! hahhaha
    are we running a race the same weekend? October 16th? a year after our first marathon???
    thats awesome if its the same weekend.

    yes any motivation is good. I just told the bf that the saturday before the race we are watching Run Fat Boy Run and other running movies. hahaha.

    stay storng and positive. U have put in a lot of training for this marathon and you will rock it! PR 100%

  4. I got it too!!!! 😦 I’m blaming the changing of the weather. I’ve been downing airborne, zicam, and sleeping in frozen socks. I know the frozen socks thing seems CRAZY, but I was willing to try anything. Put a pair of wet cotton socks in the freezer for about 5 minutes before bed. Put them on and put on a pair of wool socks over and crawl into bed.
    I’m not sure what if any of my regime really helped, but two days later and I’m feeling good.
    Hope you feel better and at least your legs will be fully rested!

  5. I hope you feel better girly!! Colds are the worst – my running buddy has one now too. Seems to be going around. Maybe an easy run will help clear you up? Raising your body temperature can sometimes help get ride of sickness – just don’t want to over do it!

  6. You are totally going to feel better! And I think having all that stuff around helps! I love that you were featured on the blog. Your Vibram photos rock!

  7. Hope your cold gets better soon. At least the rainy weather is going to clear up and it will be nice race day. I am running the half on Sunday and hope to see you at the finish of your second marathon!

  8. I hope you feel better soon! I’ll be praying for you and sending get well vibes your way! I’m sure you will feel great by the time your marathon rolls around. Good luck!

  9. You’re ready for the marathon so don’t worry about getting in miles this week. Just rest, rest, rest.

    I’ve been there where you are twice before a race, both times I did run on race day, not the best times ever but I did it. I hope you feel well enough to run too. Keep my fingers crossed here for you.

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