Why I love blogging…

This photo says it all…


Unofficial blogger meet up at mile 25? Sure why not?!

Thank you Cambry {pink shirt} for surprising me at mile 17 and running to the finish with me.

And thank you Cynthia {blue} for driving around the race course honking and cheering at us, then finding us at mile 25 and running us in to the finish (after you had already run the half marathon).


I met both of these amazing ladies through blogging and their support yesterday meant so much. It was so amazing to have that support from two people who I have only met a handful of times.

It was a fun experience, and an amazing surprise. And I wouldn’t know either of these two without the wonderful blogging community.


I also had many more amazing surprise visitors on my route yesterday… check back tomorrow for the full City of Trees Marathon Recap!

Happy Monday! I’m sort of hobbling today, but enjoying the day off and still in celebratory mode. 😉


9 thoughts on “Why I love blogging…

  1. Love blogging and love you girl! You totally rocked that Marathon’s socks off yesterday- so glad that I was able to come and run the last part of it with you, I had an awesome time. I’m hobbling today too (after only 9 miles) so I can’t imagine how you feel!

  2. That’s so great of these girls, especially Christina. I love blogging too, it’s just too bad most of my blogger friends live in the US or Canada but a girl can dream about a blogger meetup, you never know what will happen right?

  3. Awww… that’s so awesome! I’m hoping to meet more bloggers at RNR Savannah. If you happen to know of anyone that’s going to be at that race, let me know. 🙂

  4. I loved running with you! It was so much.
    You did so awesome! I would chase you around the course in my car and run those last few miles with you at another marathon any day 🙂

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