Just Dance!

My favorite part about any wedding is the dancing part.

We really wanted the vibe of our wedding to be fun and decided early on that fun equals lots of dancing.

Lucky for me, J. Alabama and I think similarly when it comes to the dancing fun. So the more dancing the more fun!


When it came time to discuss our first dance song we toyed with a traditional first slow dance, but knew that wasn’t quite us.

We needed a little bit more action…so we worked out a remix with our DJ to surprise all of our guests.

Our first song & dance together as husband and wife began to a Damien Rice song. We danced slowly and gazed lovingly into each other’s eyes….


Then BAM! Our song quickly switched into a song that was a little more us — Outcast’s “Hey Ya!”.

Because it’s dancy, happy, fun and we both love it.


At the time we had been obsessed with the Wii game ‘Just Dance’ and spent many a night practicing “Hey Ya” in preparation for this big day.


Nothing like a choreographed dance to get the crowd excited.



And my favorite  part was that it ended up coming full circle and we ended our first dance back with the slow Damien Rice song. Had to keep a little traditional with all the fun. 😉

Our fun first dance was a great way to kick off the night!


And as you will see from these photos there was no lack of dancing or of fun being had.


A little bit softer now…




If there was any question about how much our friends and us love to dance, you can just ask our DJ –we ended up extended the dance party an extra half hour because we just weren’t ready to quit.


Now that’s something to dance about!


From the looks of these photos (and the hundred others) lots of dancing does equal lots of fun.


What’s your favorite part about weddings? Do you dance at weddings? 


Photos by Greg Hoskins

12 thoughts on “Just Dance!

  1. Fun FUN! I wish we could have done a choreographed dance for part of our first dance but Brian is too self conscious and wouldn’t do it. Instead I ended up embarrassing myself later while dancing alone to Thriller by MJ!

  2. I *need* to see a video of your dance!!! how AWESOME is that?!

    Also, thanks for your comment today. 🙂 I have loved following along on your journey too and am inspired by how far you have come.

    I remember when someone first said to me “Hey, you RUN MARATHONS” now…. it hit home like, whoa… this is kind of a big deal!

  3. I absolutely LOVE to dance at weddings, and I was on the dance floor practically the whole night at my own. My husband, although he doesn’t like to dance much, was a good sport and was out on the dance floor a lot with me that night.

    I love all your wedding photos… looks like everyone had a fabulous time! 🙂

  4. I love what you choose for your wedding song, I love that song, always makes me smile when I hear it during a run on my Ipod.

    The favorite part at weddings .. that would be the party afterwards, that is if there’s dancing. I love to dance at weddings. Unfortunate all of our friends are married except for one couple. Oops that would be me 🙂

  5. i love love love to dance! it is 10000% my fave part of a wedding.
    looks like a big party at your wedding. you guys look great and it seems like everyone had a great time!

    ps. ur first dance sounds awesome.

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