I Run Marathons

Marlene said something to me after my race on Sunday that changed everything about how I see myself.

She said “You can now say I run marathons, instead of just saying I ran a marathon”.

Woah. That did something to me.


It really changed how I perceive my own self. I’m really just not that girl who ran a marathon once because I wanted to see if I could.

I am a girl who runs marathons.


Pretty deep stuff if you ask me.

Now I won’t say that Marathon #2 was the finale finish goal breaking time I was hoping for, as that doesn’t really matter now.

This race didn’t need to be a personal record breaking race for me to see the changes in myself. Or for me to finally stop questioning whether or not I am a runner, marathoner, or an athlete.


It’s as clear to me now as that beautiful blue sky during Sunday’s race that I am all of those things.

I don’t need to break personal records, or run the fastest in my age group to determine who I am, or what I am.


I’ve already shown myself time and time again that I can do it.

There is something so amazing about this change in my own outlook. I truly appreciate Marlene for the gentle reminder, and for everyone else who saw what I didn’t.


I realize now what I am capable of. And for me to say there is not another marathon in my future is almost silly, because I now realize my own potential.

And even though Destination 26.2 was the goal and I achieved it, the journey itself was much more momentous.


Happy Running Friends!

P.S…. and Happy Birthday Marlene! 


11 thoughts on “I Run Marathons

  1. Thanks for the Bday wishes!! 🙂

    You are definitely earned the right to call yourself all of those things, and I’m so glad you now see yourself as exactly what many of us have seen you for all along!

  2. Beautiful post. Especially knowing who you are and not letting speed or a super competitive spirit define you. I know a lot of runners (irl) and that is all they are about. Sometimes that takes the fun out of it! I like to PR and run fast too, but come on! 🙂

  3. I read that coment of Marlene and thought already: she’s right.

    You do run marathons and you’re my hero for doing that.

    I saw a comment of you on Michelle’s blog that you hope to be stationed in Germany after GA. Well Linzi if you do we definitely should try to meet as we will be country neighbours then.

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