Stepping it Up

After taking a restful post marathon recovery week, it was time to get back into gear this week.

I was able to loosen up my legs yesterday by doing a slow and steady treadmill session. I ran until my body told me to stop, which ended up being about 3.5 miles in roughly 40 minutes. It was a perfect first post race run.

I was so looking forward to today’s workout. It was supposed to be my favorite kickboxing (body combat) class, but when I showed up to the class something didn’t look quite right.

001I quickly found out that they had changed the combat class to a Body Step class.

Well I decided to step up my workout…literally.


Body Step would be as good any cardio kickboxing. And boy was it!

I have only taken this class once about four years ago, and thought I knew what I was getting myself into.

Apparently they have stepped it up a notch… because I was one sweaty mess by the end.


On top of the choreographed dance-y moves (some serious spirit fingers going on), they added the weight plates from the bodypump class into some of the routines. They had us stepping up onto the step and doing lunges while holding the weight plate.

It was actually the perfectly cardio infused high energy workout I was hoping for. And I was glad to have accidentally found myself there.

You might see a lot of random workouts this week as I’m just trying to fit in as much working out as I can this week. As next week we’ll be in the car driving to Georgia for the majority of the week.

So I’m stepping it up indeed. Any which way I can workout wise!

7 thoughts on “Stepping it Up

  1. good job in step! step class used to be my fave. I even considered certifying myself to teach it….maybe in the future!

    thats awesome that you can get a run and a step class in so soon after your marathoN!

  2. Yay for your first run back. GO Linz GO!

    I think steps are fun! Hard, but fun. That class sounds right up my alley.

    Have fun with all your workouts this week! 🙂

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