Three Generations

Every time I walk into my grandparent’s house I’m in awe of the beauty of this collection of photos that hangs on their wall.

As a gift to my grandmother one year, my Mom and Aunt had these photos framed with a lovely poem to go with.


The photo displays all three of them putting on their garters on their wedding day, wearing the same wedding dress.


As you know, I was not able to wear the dress that my Aunt, my mother and my grandmother all wore on their wedding day. Well at least not in its entirety.

But a piece of the wedding dress was still with me as I walked down the aisle on my wedding day.


Wearing the garter made from the dress that all three of these women have worn for their weddings was such an amazing gift to me.


It felt like their blessings of love, happiness, and a long lasting marriage were with me as I wore that garter.

It was nice to be able to take part in the family wedding tradition, even if that meant only wearing part of the dress and taking the garter photo.


Last time I visited my grandmother’s house, I noticed she had stuck my garter photo in the edge of the photo frame. It definitely made me a bit weepy.

Three generations of family, love and tradition.


Next week is the final Wedding Wednesday post! I will share some of our favorite “first look” photos, and then will be calling it a wrap on any and all wedding stuff.

My next project is to put all my Wedding Wednesday posts into some sort of bound book as a way to remember all the feelings and thoughts about our wedding.


Happy hump day! Tonight we celebrate our farewell with our friends at a local brewery. It’s a mixture of emotions over here for sure.


15 thoughts on “Three Generations

  1. Awww I love this picture! The poem was mine : ) I was hugely into creative writing at the time and warms my heart that decades later, pertains to our own daughters. funny how what was then, has been now and will tomorrow! Thank you for such a beautiful day!

  2. What a neat way to incorporate the dress into your wedding, as well as the garter photo!

    At some point, I will post a bunch of wedding-related stuff. I’m waiting for some of our photos to come back from the photographer (at least the first peek ones she’ll post on Facebook).

  3. I absolutely love it, you must have been so touched seeing your photo in the frame too.

    I made a book of my blog through maybe you could take a look and see if it’s something for you too. I have a wordpress blog too so it shouldn’t be a problem for you.

    I hope you had a great farewell party but getting “to know” your friends a litle better through your blog I’m sure you had.

  4. Grandma ‘loves’ this photo, and she was so glad to have Linzi be a part of it by using some of the dress for the garter. We now need to figure out a way to add Linzi and Katie (someday) to this photo!

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