Beautiful Day, Beautiful Run

Seriously, who is this girl who has already ran three times this week? 008

I had to pinch myself to make sure it really happened.

I wasn’t sure how this week was going to go running wise, since I’m juggling a lot of things right before this big move. But the stars aligned this week and I have been able to do more than I anticipated!

Since I’m not officially training for anything at the moment I’ve just been running just for fun which has made running seem a lot more appealing these days.

And it’s especially fun when you have good company to run with and these amazing views. 010

It was such a beautiful day for a run yesterday too!

And I was super excited when Cynthia agreed to meet me at the Train Depot for our run yesterday.

An epic starting point if you ask me.


There are such beautiful views of the city, and I find the depot a very iconic Boise spot.


We decided to just run a loop I had run during my marathon a few weeks back, though I wasn’t exactly sure how long it was.


It ended up running us pretty close to 5.5 miles, which went beyond fabulously.

My body has been slow to recover since the marathon so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but am wondering if just the company of having Cynthia there helped distract me.

It was one of those runs that made running fun again, and was just what I needed mentally and physically.

I’m glad it went so well, and am now really excited for whatever fun running adventures are in store for me in Georgia!


I hope you all have a great weekend! I’ve got a fun filled cabin weekend in the mountains with my family, then it’s packing and moving galore. Movers come Monday, and we head out bright and early on Tuesday. Eek! 🙂

13 thoughts on “Beautiful Day, Beautiful Run

  1. my body has been craving a run too. i have not had the chance to get out there and im also a bit scared about the knee. but i cannot wait to get out there.

    have a great weekend and good luck with the move!!!!

  2. Enjoy your last weekend before the move! Hopefully everything will go smoothly! Great job on the runs. I know that running definitely helps me in stressful time!

  3. Great run, such runs are the best there are don’t you think?

    I can’t believe it’s already so close and you’re leaving next Tuesday already. Don’t know if you will be blogging before that but if not I wish you and J. Alabama a safe trip and a great weekend with your family and friends.

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