Settling Inn

Happy Halloween my friends!

This picture is the extent of my Halloween celebration this year.


I was such a witchy child! 🙂


Getting Settled:

We arrived at our hotel in Georgia on Friday night and have been getting accustomed to our new surroundings since then.

Yesterday we took a day trip up to Atlanta to drop off my parents at the airport, but not without taking a pit stop at the Atlanta Zoo.


I absolutely had to see the Giant Pandas!

The picture is hard to see, as I took it through the glass. But he had his paw over his eyes shielding from all the paparazzi while taking a nap.


So stinkin’ cute.

Then it was time to say goodbye to my amazing parents. They volunteered to help J. Alabama and I drive our two cars across the country.


Having them along for the ride was not only a great time, but a huge help! It was sad to see them off, but we plan to be back in Boise for Christmas.


As for my home these days…we be chillin’ at the Holiday Inn!

Okay…well not exactly the Holiday Inn but we are hoteling it up for at least a couple more days. 20111031161714

We stopped by the Army housing office today and they told us to check back on Wednesday. I’m trying to stay cool with Inn-living –if only our Inn had a gym in it.

Where we are currently staying is not conducive to me running outside (it’s pretty much just highway all around).

But it looks like it’s in the cards to make the drive to the gym on the base tonight. And after checking it out once, I should be okay to go there whenever I want.

Thank goodness, because I’m going stir crazy in the hotel room all day.


And what totally made my day today was this…

Oh yeah! Between all the fast food & fried pickles I was excited beyond belief when I saw Bruster’s Smoothie shop.

Camera Effects(3)Camera Effects(2)

Peach flavor please! (When in Rome I right?)

Just had to do it!

Camera Effects

We are really starting to get the hang of this new place. But I’ll be even more excited once I hear more about our actual apartment. I really hope it’s soon!


Hope you all have a spooktacular Halloween night!


11 thoughts on “Settling Inn

  1. I’m sure it was hard to say goodbye to your folks. You better come back for x-mas or I will cry. No pressure though :). There are lots of cool things to do in Atlanta that could you get you out of the Inn. The Atlanta Aquarium is awesome. They also have 6 Flags Georgia and some great museums including one that I went to that I think was called the Altanta Museum of High Art or something like that. Keep us posted!! I miss your face.

  2. You have awesome parents! That was so cool of them to help you and J. Alabama move!

    Have fun staying in the hotel! I hope you find out more info about your new residence soon!

  3. Peach is THE only way to go now! 🙂
    Hope you guys get settled in your new home!
    I love and miss Zoo Atl. Every time we go to Knoxville Zoo I brag about ATL and say how Knox just will never compare.
    Hope you find a place to burn some cals soon! THat would drive me nuts.

  4. Your parents are really sweet to drive with you all the way to Georgio.

    I love the panda’s.

    I hope you will have your own place soon, then the settling in can really begin.

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