What a month!

Well hello there November!

I made it through October, also known as “Marathon Month” and “Moving across the country Month!”


It’s crazy to think about all that happened during the past month. It feels like some of it happened years ago, not just weeks ago.

So here are few highlights from October!


Total Mileage: 54.75 miles

This was a lot lower than I was hoping for considering it was a marathon month, but I was sick for one week leading up to the race and driving across country for another.

Most Hardcore run:  City of Trees Marathon (Marathon #2!)


…And best supported run

IMGP7052 IMGP7060

Favorite just for fun run: Last Boise run with Cynthia!


Fun day with Friends: Joe & Steph’s Wedding



Most Relaxing Weekend: Girl’s weekend in the mountains (with my Aunt, Cousin, Sister-in-law-to-be, and my mom).



Complete with nature hikes, crafts, a yoga session (my mom taught her first class to us –she is getting her yoga certification), and even vision board making! Exactly what I needed.

Party of the month: Our going away party.  It was so amazing to see so many loved ones before we left.



Current Obsession: These things called corn nuggets!

The fried pickles just weren’t doin’ it for me, so I found these!


It’s pretty much fried cream of corn. So much more delish than they sound.

Road Trip of the Month: The most epic drive from Idaho to Georgia – complete with snow storm, rain storm, and extreme road sickness on the last day!



Current Excitement: My new gym!

I got my first Georgia run in yesterday on the treadmill. And the gym is more than I could hope for. So excited!

Current Goal: To run the Soldier Half Marathon on Nov. 12th!


A crazy month indeed! I’m truly excited for my accomplishments this past month, as I was definitely juggling a lot.


But I’m excited to look forward and embrace the new adventures I have in front of me this month.

To move into our new home (we’ll find out more tomorrow), to keep on running, and to get more comfortable with the military way of life and my new surroundings.

So with that, I wish you all a fabulous November!


12 thoughts on “What a month!

  1. So glad you made it safe and you’re starting to adapt to your new surroundings! I definitely think a marathon in Georgia is in the cards for me (at least a 1/2!) would be so fun to come out and see you and run a race all at the same time! 🙂

  2. What an EPIC month for you! So many exciting things.

    AWESOME that you’re running a half – what better way to get yourself in running mode again.

    Those corn nuggets sound… interesting. I’d try the pickles but I may have to take your work on this one. LOL!

  3. I’m so excited for you, Linzi!! You had a great month. New adventures are awesome. So happy for your Mom getting her Yoga Certification, congratulations. My daughter Katie is also embarking on new changes. So happy for all of you. 🙂

  4. You have had a busy month! The Soldier Half Marathon looks fab! Have you been to the Infantry Museum yet? I got to check it out when my husband graduated Basic in April. It’s great! Not to mention, the parade field there has soil from some famous battlefields (Normandy, LZ X-ray, Antietam). It’s pretty cool.*

  5. I LOVED running with you twice in October! Can’t wait to do it again. I read Cambry’s comment above, I think we need a girls trip to visit you and run a race together!!!

  6. Now, the corn nuggets sound much better than the friend pickles! I would try those!

    You had quite the busy month full of all sorts of changes and accomplishments! I look forward to seeing what you’re up to in November, and reading about your half-marathon training.

  7. You have done so much this past month, I can imagine it has been crazy for you.

    I hope November brings you a home for you and J. Alabama and that you settle in in Georgia.

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