A Peek into Our Home

It’s been a little nuts over here at Casa de Alabama!


You read that right… a house! We toured on Wednesday and had the lease signed and keys in our hands by Thursday morning.

We only had to rough it one night on an air mattress, as the moving company delivered our goods on Friday evening.

I wasn’t able to blog until now, because we’ve been digging through boxes all weekend looking for all the necessities. Of course our router was a tough one to find, but alas we found it!

My family and friends have been dying to see a peek at our new home — so here goes!

Living Room


Dining Room


Long Hallway


Guest Bedroom006
Hallway of Doors (leading to the Master Suite)008

The laundry area is off to the right of the picture

Taking photos of an empty house doesn’t do it much justice and well as you can tell I missed a few rooms on my photo tour. So I  took a silly video tour of the whole house which can be seen here.

Don’t mind my commentary, or my “I’m getting ready to go on a run” look. For the record, I did go for a run after I shot this video. 🙂


So in a few words, we are getting settled in nicely. I’m actually loving the neighborhood we moved into, and am really starting to get comfortable with my surroundings.

Camera Effects(6)

And so far the military thing is going well too. We’ve been pretty busy just getting settled, I haven’t met many people yet or been that involved, but I’m hoping that all changes soon.

I will try to do a post this week about my observations from living on a military post. So far, I’m a happy camper!


Is there anything you want to know? About our new home, adjusting to the military life, moving across the country…etc? Just let me know. I’m happy to answer!


21 thoughts on “A Peek into Our Home

  1. It is so cute! I love the hardwood floors and the fire place. Looks like a great first home to start your lives together. Miss you tons!

  2. Wow look at those hardwood floors! Nice! Would love to hear about your move across the country a little more. Packing, finding movers, driving and finding places to stay along the way. Those sorts of things. 🙂

  3. Great job on the video Linz!!! You did a great job, no nausea! lol! Looks so cute!! Can’t wait to try out that guest bedroom!

  4. Your house looks awesome! The floors are gorgeous with the white walls and I love the chandelier! It is like a perfect blank palette for you to decorate!

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