Running Around

Before I arrived to Georgia I was assured that this was the perfect time to make the journey to the south. The humidity is dying down and the running season is in its peak right now!

Yipppeee for me!


I’m really liking this 70 degree weather and I’m perfectly happy in my tank top, shorts and flippy floppies! 🙂

So I’ve been doing a lot of exploring by foot these days…aka running!

My most recent run was on Monday night!20111107201934

I was pretty stoked to see there is a one mile dirt track outside the gym that is lined with bright lights. It’s great for those dawn or dust runs indeed!

I convinced J. Alabama to do a quick one mile warm-up loop with me, then continued to run 4 more miles solo. And it was rather speedy (at least for me) at that! I did 5 miles in 52 minutes.

I think the fact that I couldn’t stare at my garmin the whole time helped me to just to run at a more natural pace without worrying about time. I find it interesting that I usually run faster when I’m not focusing on my garmin.

I ran in complete silence and enjoyed the peaceful night run.


This is ghostly picture…my camera phone does not like nighttime photos apparently

I’ve been running a lot more regularly since I arrived here in Georgia. And I’m really looking forward to the Soldier Half-Marathon coming up on Saturday.

Though I did hear on the news that 45 feet of the Columbus RiverWalk collapsed last Saturday. The RiverWalk is the pathway that the race is being held on. Eeeek!

The part of the course that collapsed actually will only affect the marathoners (not the halfers), and apparently they have been working on re-routing that part.

But it still kind of freaks me out to know that hundreds of people are going to be running on parts of this walkway merely a week after a chunk of it collapsed.


How would you feel if you found out part of the race course you were going to be running on was faulty?


10 thoughts on “Running Around

  1. i am so glad that you are loving your new house and neighbourhood. good job on ur run….that is pretty speedy! enjoy the exploring and the new experience!!

  2. That is awesome you have a track near the gym. Running in the dark is always tough with a garmin – definitely has helped me to learn my pace better. Good luck with the half this weekend. Hopefully the riverwalk is solid enough to.

  3. I’m so excited for your race this weekend! I can’t wait to read all about it!
    so cool they have a track that’s lit up especially. I have been trouble wanting to go run in the dark.

  4. I’d be freaked to run on something that collapsed! The Hottest Half (that I ran way back in August) goes over a few short, narrow bridges. The bridges would bounce bc there were so many runners trotting along. Scary!*

  5. I totally envy your weather right now! It is definitely chilling down here and soon outdoor exercise will all but cease! Enjoy your race this weekend! And try not to fall in the river! 😉

  6. Woohoo for a great run! I always bring my Garmin but never look at it during easy runs. I know 1K is about 2 songs on my Ipod so by the time I get close to the distance I want to run I start looking but I’m very good at just looking at the distance and ignore the total time and pace. I agree that those runs are often faster.

    I think I would be scared but on the other hand trust the organization that they will do everything to make the route safe.

  7. Good luck at your half-marathon this weekend!

    In 2007 after the I-35W Bridge collapsed in Minneapolis, the TC 10 Mile course was rerouted in the early miles because the original course ran under that bridge. As far as I know, there were no problems. I agree with Fran; I’d trust the organization hosting the race to make it a safe course.

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