Recovery Run

I gave my family and friends [from Boise] a little bit of a scare yesterday when they heard about a tornado hitting down close to where I live in Georgia.

I was actually home alone when the storm warning went out, and having never lived in tornado country before wasn’t quite sure what was going on. Luckily, where we live was only hit with major rain and thunderstorms here.

Rainstorms bring the most beautiful days to follow.

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So beautiful in fact, that I could not resist one more single day without getting a run in.

I think four days off was more than enough recovery time…don’t you think?

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So I went out to discover a new running path today! It is a paved path that lines the main road onto the military base. It lies on a gradual incline and abruptly ended about 2 miles in due to construction.

I ended up running through some neighborhoods close by to get in a little bit more mileage before turning around and heading back home.

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I expected today’s run to be a slow and easy run, but found myself full of energy and pushing hard through the incline of this path.

I ended up doing 5.5 miles in 58 minutes!

I’m thinking the altitude and warm weather have to be making my runs easier. And I’m seriously noticing an increase in my speed lately. YAY!

Whatever it is [weather, altitude or even just my own improvements] I’m definitely a fan!

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I feel like Saturday’s Half Marathon was exactly what I needed to reaffirm that I’m making forward momentum in my running. I’m reenergized and re-motivated for whatever comes next!

All my Boise running friends…I’m eyeing the YMCA Christmas 10k on December 17th. Who’s with me? 😉


Do you get re-energized after a race or after hitting a new personal record?

And I apologize for my sporadic posting and commenting over the past few weeks. Our internet connection here is very inconsistent and we really only get signal in one room of the house. 

6 thoughts on “Recovery Run

  1. Congrats on a great run Linzi! Looks like a great route you’ve ben running.

    Glad to hear the tornado didn’t hit you hard.

    About those mushrooms I ate the other day: my hub doesn’t like them either so I made them just for me and he ate something else.

  2. I’m so glad that the tornado didn’t touch down near you! I live in the northern part of tornado alley, and have even seen a tornado begin to form… very scary!

    It looks like you have some beautiful scenery to run amidst! Great run!

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