The Finisher’s Coin

A midst all my excitement about my half marathon this past weekend, I completely forgot to picture one item I received upon crossing the finish line.

My finisher’s coin.


I was not expecting to receive this coin along with my finisher’s medal, but was very much in love with the idea of it.

I have only ever received one other race coin, and wasn’t sure what the protocol [or if there was one at all] to receive a coin was.


The only other race in which I received a finishers coin was The Sawtooth Relay. And the Soldier Marathon & Half Marathon had a marathon relay option as well.

So I thought I would pose these questions to you all today to see if I could get some clarification.


Is the coin usually given out instead of a medal during a Relay race? Or in this case is it just an additional way to commemorate the race?

Just curious…as I now have small collection of race coins and have never really heard anyone talk about them before.

Have you ever received a race coin?


Happy Friday!

Tonight I will embark on my first real Army Wife get together. We are going to a meet and greet of J. Alabama’s class, and I will finally get to meet the two other army wives that are here from the group!


10 thoughts on “The Finisher’s Coin

  1. I’ve never been given a finisher’s coin. I thought maybe it was a military thing since soldiers are sometimes awarded coins. I want to say that the Army 10-miler gives out coins too, but I haven’t run it, so I don’t know for sure.

    Have fun with the other Army wives!!*

  2. I’ve received finisher’s coins at both the Army Ten Miler and the Navy Five Miler, which leads me to think it’s generally a military thing. Getting a coin AND a medal is extra cool!

  3. I received a coin when I ran the Portland Half-Marathon last year. It’s a smaller, color version of the finisher medal I received. I collected coins as a kid, so Portland Half coin was a special treat for me.

    In 2009, the organizers of the Portland Marathon created a way for Oregon soldiers to participate in the Portland Marathon events while stationed far away. Soldiers ran the same distances and received the same schwag that the race participants did, but they received a few extra goodies. You can read about it here:

    I think they started including the coin as a participant gift as a way to commemorate the soldiers who are protecting our freedom overseas, but I’m not sure.

  4. The coin is awesome. Never had a coin, did get some medals at races, they are pretty common here, especially on the big races.

    Hope you will me some new friends at the meet.

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