CrossFit Craze

It seems to be all the talk in the fitness world these days…CrossFit this, and CrossFit that. What is this CrossFit craze all about?

I was more than curious to find out!

Lucky for us, the military base we live on has a CrossFit specific gym filled to the brim with pieces of equipment that would fulfill any crossfitters dream.

It’s seriously like a playground for gym junkies.

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I swear that J. Alabama was salivating over the awesomeness of this place the first time he went there to do his WOD (workout of the day).

CrossFit has been described on many websites as the ‘leading edge strength and conditioning training’.

What I gathered from my first experience is that it’s a quick & intense workout intended to work as many muscle groups as possible while keeping up your heart rate.

Before starting our workout we viewed the official CrossFit website for the recommended workout of the day.

Sunday’s WOD: (Three rounds, 15-12-and 9 reps)

  • 135 pound barbell Thrusters
  • 45 pound weighted Pull-ups


Because I didn’t know what a barbell thruster was, we You Tubed it. Which is a great way to see a demonstration of these workouts before you go to the gym.

And since I have never done a CrossFit workout before, let alone can I thrust a 135 lb barbell – we obviously adjusted the workouts to fit my ability level.

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I started by doing a squat with a 45 lb barbell and then thrusting it above my head. I did this for 15 reps then moved onto the pull up bar.

I had some issues at the pull-up bar and there was no way I was going to be able to do the recommended pull-up with the added 45 lb weight lifted from me feet.

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So my pull-up workout was modified to me just hanging on the bar for at least 5 seconds [with attempts at trying to pull myself up] for the recommended reps.

So I ended up doing 15 reps, 12 reps and 10 reps of both [modified versions] of the barbell thrusters and pull-ups and was a sweaty sore mess by the end.


My first CrossFit workout was finished in roughly 50 minutes, and I actually left there in a pretty emotional state. There is something about doing a hard workout that lets out my emotions.

But I am glad to have taken a step into the CrossFit world, and would definitely be willing to add these types of workouts into a more regular fitness routine.

What are your thoughts on Crossfit? Have you ever tried it?

For a more in depth CrossFit overview check out this website.

19 thoughts on “CrossFit Craze

  1. I’ve been wanting to try a CrossFit box for awhile now but I kept hearing that they’re not too keen on long distance running, although there are a few gym owners that are fans…so I hunted them down. 🙂 Going to wait until after my marathon to test it out though. Didn’t want to throw a whole new extreme workout into the mix with only 8 weeks before the race!

  2. I know a few people that are into the Crossfit and swear by it. A friend just ran a 1/2 marathon PB after not having run more than 5K in training. Her better half (also a cross fit instructor), paced the 5 hour marathon with the same CrossFit training only. Great that you are trying something new!

  3. I LOVE Crossfit! That is how I lost a substantial amount of weight this summer, and really the only reason why I’m taking a break from it is because it’s really hard (and probably hard on me) to do Crossfit as well as get in the high mileage while training for a half marathon. But the people are great, the workouts are super effective, and I always have a great time doing it!

  4. I really want to try CrossFit…not sure how to incorporate it into my regular training though or how memberships work, etc. I am usually not intimidated to try new things alone but this is one thing I wish I could talk someone else into trying with me! I have a friend in Houston who swears by it…I wish she still lived closer so I could go with her!!

    And on a completely random note: I drove by Ft. Benning on my way to Tallahassee this weekend and thought of you!

  5. Good stuff. I have never done cross fit but I did a total body class last week at the gym and i was so sore from that. It feels really good to push yourself and then be sore the next day!

  6. I tried CrossFit … once! Here’s my review of it, if you’re interested …

    I think the workouts themselves are probably great. I took it in a class type setting and the instructor (quite frankly!) was a jerk. I did not like him at all and I didn’t care for a lot about anyone at the facility. They were VERY anti-distance running and very SET in their way of thinking. But, it was a great workout.

    They had these awesome bands for assisting with the pull ups. Even with those it was difficult.

    • I’ve heard that a LOT about the whole CrossFit thing, which is why I researched a little bit after hearing about their anti-running thing and found CrossFit Endurance. You have to dig a bit more but there are some CrossFit owners that actually enjoy long distance running. Out of the 10 that are in my area, only 2 fit the criteria. 🙂 It definitely has a cult following but I’m crossing my fingers!

  7. For the longest time I have thought of Crossfit as the fitness craze that shall pass just as Jazzercise, Step Aerobics, Pilates, etc… So in other words, I had not interest in trying it….until a colleague who is making an effort to get in shape convinced me to try it with her. I said yes as a show of support and enjoyed it. I have been back with her a few times but honestly, I still think it is a fad and I much rather just go for a run.

  8. I see Heidi has commented already. I never heard of Crossfit until she did a class. At that point I looked into it. You can take classes here in Holland but not close by. I found it interesting but it also looks very tough.

    I admire you for this workout because to me it looks like a very hard workout. Well done!

  9. I REALLY want to try Crossfit but it is just unaffordable here. It would cost around $150 a month and I just don’t have that kind of extra money. I can’t even afford a $50/month gym membership right now 😦 I wish I could figure out a way to incorporate it into my budget though because I think it would be an awesome strength workout for me!

  10. I started crossfit over a year ago and it has seriously changed my life. I actually enjoy it so much much more than running now. I just ran my first marathon and used crossfit as my strength training. Now that the marathon is over, I’m doing crossfit 5 times a week and doing crossfit endurance, too. My husband actually competes and I hope to join him soon. Crossfit can be combined with long distance running, but it is difficult to dedicate yourself to both equally. I actually posted about it on my blog:
    if you have any questions, please let me know. I can talk crossfit all day long. Seriously, try me!

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