The Calm Within

I’ve been keeping myself busy these days with running, spinning and even adding some CrossFit and weight lifting routines into my workouts.

But it dawned on me this morning that something was missing.

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I realized that I haven’t done a single downward dog, plank or triangle pose since October 22nd! How did I forget about my beloved yoga for over a month?

I quickly remedied that by dropping into a yoga class offered at the base gym.

What surprised me at first was that this whole class was done in the dark. I’ve done hot yoga in a dark lit room, but not this dark.

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It was actually very relaxing and really helped me just focus on me during this class.

Having not visited these poses in so long, I was having trouble keeping simple poses without taking a break. I tried not to get too down on myself, as I know I can build back my yoga strength with a little more practice.

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At the end of class when we were doing our savasana the teacher reminded us that no matter what is going on around us that we can always visit the calm within.

I found this thought rather comforting as I’ve been dealing with a lot of different emotions lately. And have not really been able to channel them.

Having the practice of yoga really helped me channel those emotions and take a few minutes to find that calm within myself. You can bet that I will be revisiting this calm within myself [yoga class] on a more regular basis! 🙂

I feel renewed and refreshed and am excited to finally have a balanced workout routine –one that includes yoga, weight lifting and a happy balance of cardio.


Do you feel like something’s missing without a certain workout/activity in your routine?


14 thoughts on “The Calm Within

  1. i miss yoga so much!
    with the bootcamp and the holidays and our trip….no money for it now. but in the new year, i am 100% signing up for some yoga. i love it.

    great job on your class. in the dark eh? thats pretty cool!

  2. Thats great linz! Yoga in the dark would almost force yourself to focus. awesome! I wonder if I could swim in the dark…. hhhmmm

  3. I stopped doing Crossfit so I could focus on my running (first half marathon coming up!), and it kills me! I love to run, but I really miss Crossfit. I’ve decided that after I complete my half marathon, I’m going back to Crossfit for awhile.

    I’ve also been told that yoga would be great for me to incorporate, but it’s a little intimidating. I would hate to be “that girl” in class that falls on her face. lol

    That’s really exciting that you have so many options around you! Crossfit, yoga, running, etc… Just the fact you have access to all that is awesome.

  4. Sounds like it was just what you needed! I love that you get so much out of yoga. It just doesn’t do it for me, though in all fairness – I probably haven’t given it a good chance.

  5. I hear you! Yoga is such a great way for me to calm my emotions, feel at peace, and become stronger and more flexible. It sounds like the class is exactly what you needed at this present time.

    My yoga class is usually taught with the lights dimmed, which I enjoy because it allows me to focus on my breathing and the poses and what the instructor is saying.

    At some point… I’ll have to try Crossfit. I will after the stress fracture in my right foot heals. 😦

  6. I think doing yoga in the dark is actually a good idea. You aren’t distracted by your surroundings and can focus on your poses.

    After searching for a while I think I have found the perfect workout routine for myself. I’ve invested in some workout DVD’s (cardio, strength and yoga) and combine these with my running. I do something different everyday which keeps it fun. I’m easily bored if I have to do the same workout routine over and over again.

  7. Thanks for the reminder. I too need to get back to my yoga. It’s funny how it is one of the first things to slip when life gets crazy, but it’s probably one of the most important things to keep up with.

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