Sometimes finding inspiration to run is hard, and sometimes it is as easy as just looking right outside your front door.

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How could you not find run-spiration [running inspiration] with a street name called Running Ave? Seriously!

I have been driving down Running Ave for weeks now, but today was the day I was going to RUN down it!

I’ve been struggling to find a running path that I like and that is longer than 2 miles, so I was crossing my fingers that Running Ave would lead me to a winning route.


The first mile led me around a park that had several Army monuments in it. It was fun to run past these statues and soak in all the history that Fort Benning has to offer.


I’m going to assume this start sign is supposed to be the start of a possible walking tour throughout the monuments in the park…or it’s another outdoor running track? Not really sure.


I took it as my cue to START running faster! Woo hoo!

I was leaping with joy to have finally found an outlet to the River Walk only about a mile from my home.


During the Soldier Half Marathon we ran through parts of it but it was only my first week in Georgia so I honestly had no idea where I was going.

I heard that the River Walk goes on for something like 15 miles– which is awesome for me! I would much rather run a long out and back instead of several loops when doing a long run.


It looks a lot more like the beginnings of fall here rather than the beginnings of winter. But then again, this is my first winter in the south, so maybe this is what it is supposed to look like?

I enjoyed the views and really just took in the nature around me on this run.


I haven’t felt this peaceful during a run since I was back in Boise. And many parts of the run reminded me of the greenbelt that I used to do all my runs on back home.

It was truly a great 6.5 mile run and gave me the run-spiration I needed for future runs. I now have a go-to  path that is rich with history and nature.


I’m so so so runspirated… can’t you tell?! Such a dork.

Do you get excited about a new running path? Would you be as stoked about a street called Running Ave as I was? 🙂

14 thoughts on “Run-spiration

  1. Love it! I so want that sign to put up on my inspiration wall. I totally would be excited to run down that street. The pics totally remind me of the greenbelt too.
    So glad you were able to find some runspiration and a new route you like!

  2. Running Avenue! Love it! I do get excited about new places to run. It’s adds a little pep to my step. And yes, that’s what winter in the south looks like! It’s the same here in Texas. Lots of falling leaves.*

  3. What an awesome road sign! I would love to life on running ave! Looks like a beautiful run! I love the leaves on the path! That has to be my favorite part of running!

  4. Hahah! Love you. Good thing you didn’t get lost. Oh, how I wish for a winter in the south. Lots of rain… and that’s about it! If you’re lucky, you might get a dusting of snow!

  5. Yes, I would so run down Running Avenue!

    I enjoyed exploring the neighborhoods around my condo after I moved in mid-August. I’m planning on developing new routes once my foot heals (and winter goes away, ha ha!).

    I think running in a place is the best way to find your way around. 🙂

  6. What a great new route!
    I get totally excited when I find a new place to run that I really love. I found a new path just recently and it is such a great place to run.

  7. What a beautiful run! I am so happy you found your way to the path. I totally prefer out and backs too. Loops make me batty. I love exploring new paths and would totally be stoked about Running Ave! Thanks for sharing all the great pics with us!

  8. I would move to that street LOL.

    Looks like a beautiful running path to me Linzi. You are going to have some great runs there in the future I predict.

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