Army Wife Play Date

It’s been a little over a month since I arrived here in Georgia, and as you already know — was starting to get a little lonely and stir crazy.


We went to our first Army function a few weeks ago and I decided right then and there to just put it all out there.

I walked right up to one army wife, introduced myself, and informed her that she was going to be my new friend. I wasn’t taking no for an answer.

Luckily for me she was in the same boat (moving far from home and knowing no one here but her hubs) and quickly a verbal agreement to friendship was made.


Two weeks later…

I finally got the nerves to actually call her. And somehow convinced this girl, of whom I’d only met once, to take a belly dancing class at the gym with me.  Random I know!

I’m still surprised she said yes! She must have thought I was crazy, but either way a date was set for yesterday.


[Photo recycled from August 2011]

I was hoping to channel my inner belly dancing skills from earlier this summer. And let me just tell you, it worked!

The classes my mother and I took gave me the skills needed to prepare me for this fast paced cardio belly dancing class.

We were shaking what our mother’s gave us, literally. We were dancing, flowing and moving every which way, and managed to get quite the workout.

I was thoroughly impressed with the intensity of the class and thankful that my new friend was so willing to go with the flow. For the record, she loved it!

Then she somehow talked me into drinking margaritas at 1:00 pm.


It was the least I could do in return for her attending this random fitness class with a girl she barely knew.


The moral of this post is simply that sometimes you just have to ask for what you really want, and not be afraid to look like a dancing fool.

Yup, you just never know what is possible!

Be warned, there are several new fitness classes we’ll be checking out soon. Something called Butts & Guts [that sounds horribly awesome?], and BLAST [butt legs abs & strength training]. My body aches just thinking about it!


Are you planning on doing any x-mas fun runs this month? I’m trying to talk J. Alabama into running a holiday 5k with me tomorrow. Crossing my fingers he says YES!

Keeping up with HBBC! 🙂
Sat: rest = 0
Sun: Ran 4 miles + 70 minutes weights = 7.5
Mon: Ran 6 miles = 6
Tues: 60 mins yoga = 3
Weds: Ran 6.5 miles = 6.5
Thurs: Cardio Belly Dance = 3
Fri: Spinning = 4.5
Total for 2nd week: 30.5 points

8 thoughts on “Army Wife Play Date

  1. Way to put yourself out there.

    This month I will be trying Hot Yoga a deal I couldn’t pass up opened up so I am hoping my first class will be Sunday.

  2. Good for you for approaching her and call her to take a class with you. She probably was glad you called since you tell us she’s new in town too.

    Look forward to your review of the new classes. I like that so much in you: always in for trying something new.

    Hope J. Alabama does the fun run with you.

  3. I always get too scared to go up to people – I am such an introvert! Mad props to you for going up and introducing yourself! I am sure you will have a group of girlfriends before you know it!

  4. This lady sounds awesome! What a fun way to get to know her AND burn some calories at the same time!

    Not doing any Christmas runs this year because of my foot, but I’m swimming up a storm at the swimming class I’m taking through February. My goal is to continue to improve as a swimmer… maybe I’ll consider an actual triathlon for 2012 instead of just an indoor one.

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