Going Home for the Holidays

I’ve got my running shoes packed, my winter coat and gloves [brrrr…I hear it’s cold in Idaho], and my game face on.


Better watch out Boise, there is no shortage of holiday cheer here.

Tomorrow afternoon I will boarding a plane to visit back home. I know it feels like I just left from there, but when I add it up it’s been 49 days!

Superbowl06 033

I’ve been trying to get in the habit of referring to Georgia as home these days, because it is now. But Boise will still always be home sweet home.

I’m literally jumping with excitement as I type this, as I have so many fun things planned over the next 13 days…

…including but not limited to a Christmas 10k fun run, three holiday themed parties [including one ugly x-mas sweater party], and a whole lot of family time.

So stay tuned for some holiday shenanigans of epic proportions!


Do you usually travel for Christmas or celebrate where you live?

It feels weird for me to be traveling somewhere to celebrate Christmas, but I guess this army wife better get used to it!


14 thoughts on “Going Home for the Holidays

  1. I’ve left the town I was born and raised 17 years ago and my Mom still lives in the house I grew up. And up till today I say I’m going home when I go to visit my Mom.

    My mother in law lives in the same village as we do, my Mom a 30 minute drive away so we don’t really have to travel for Christmas.

    Have a safe trip and lots and lots of fun at home.

  2. We will be traveling back home to see our families as well but will spend Christmas apart with our respective families. We only have 4 days to visit with them and they live 3hrs apart (on a good day!).

    Since we get to spend the rest of the year together, we figured this was a good time to see our families and spend the most time with them instead of traveling all over the place + its very dangerous driving there in the Winter!

  3. The majority of my mom’s side of the family is in Kansas City, and we take care of the traveling at Thanksgiving. That way we get to spend Thanksgiving together, but also get to see all the lighting ceremonies they have in KC to start the Christmas season off right. So many memories….

    Have fun!! 🙂

  4. I’m so happy you get to go back to Boise!!! You are going to have a blast 🙂

    We switch where we are each year for xmas. This year we are hosting my husband’s dad and bro and I am really happy about that.

  5. Enjoy your time at home!

    Mark’s and my parents live in Minnesota, but it takes two hours to drive to each of their residences. So, we do a little traveling for the holidays, but not nearly as much as other people I know. My brother who lives in Boston usually comes home for Christmas.

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