Suitcase Full of Motivation

Hello from Idaho!


No snow covered mountains yet, but it sure is coooooold!

But I definitely didn’t get here without sneaking in a trip to the nearest Trader Joe’s to the Atlanta airport before hopping the plane home.

There aren’t any Trader Joe’s in Idaho and it was well worth going for the “Two Buck Chuck.”

566 (2)

At $2.79 a bottle, I was in wino heaven! And was even able to sneak one into my luggage for my for my favorite Chuck. Yay Dad!


I couldn’t squeeze even one more bottle of this cheap and delicious goodness into my suitcase. Though the rest of the case is waiting for me back home in Georgia. 🙂

My suitcase barely zipped closed due to the ridiculous amount of workout clothes I brought. I know I’m technically on vacation, but I couldn’t help but be excited about all the workout options here.

Something Cold: Running outside


Hitting up my favorite and very much missed running routes. And with hopes of meeting up with some of my favorite running buddies!

Something Hot: Hot Yoga


It is below freezing here in Boise, and coming from a comfortable 60 degrees in Georgia, Hot Yoga never sounded more appealing.

Something Just Right: Fitness Classes


I’ve asked a few family members if I can join them as their “guest” at their gym. I’m hoping to hit up a few fitness classes here or there.

And Something Hardcore: Jillian’s 30 Day Shred


And if all the above fail, I always make sure Jillian’s DVD is in my laptop for a quick and dirty 20 minutes sweat session. I can just things around my parent’s for weights.


I’m not sure I will even have that much time to actually do all the workouts I have in mind, but I packed for success. And that is all that matters!

But something tells me that one bottle of Two Buck Chuck just isn’t going to be enough for all my post workout celebrating. Maybe next time I’ll just skip bringing the workout clothes and just pack more wine!

Happy Workout Wednesday!

My morning already started off more perfectly than I could even imagine. My mom led me through an hour yoga session before the sun even rose.

And now I’m going on a RUN with my brother. Crazy times!


12 thoughts on “Suitcase Full of Motivation

  1. That is hilarious! All my Boise friends have Trader Joe’s wish lists for when I visit. I wonder how long it will take for Boise to have it’s own TJ especially now there is a Whole Foods?

    Enjoy your visit and Hot Yoga sessions.

  2. Ah yes… $2 chuck is a staple at my aunt’s condo, but I think she might pay $4 for it. Not sure… I’ll have to ask.

    I admire your drive to exercise as much as possible while you are spending Christmas with your family. That’s so awesome!

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