When signing up for a holiday race, it’s pretty much expected that you arrive dressed for the occasion. 100_4471

Photo from 2010 Christmas race

And let me just tell you, there will be no shortage of holiday cheer in mine or my bestie’s running attire this year. Because what’s more Christmas-y then a tutu right?

So last night we set out to make our own Christmas running tutu, and I thought I would share the tutu-torial with you all today!

DIY Christmas Tutu:


What you will need:

  • Scissors
  • Elastic
  • 1-2 yards of each desired colored of tulle

Step 1: Cut the tulle into strips based on the desired length of your tutu.


You will be folding the strip in half when you tie it onto the elastic, so make sure you account for that when deciding the length of your tutu.

Step 2: Measure the elastic around your waist to make sure it fits correctly. Then cut elastic, and you will you use that piece for your tutu.


Step 3: Take a strip of your tulle [any color] and fold in half around the tip of your index finger.


Then loop it around the elastic, and through where your index finger was.


It will make a nice a little knot like so.


Step 4: Continue adding on tulle strips in any color sequence you want, until you have filled the entire elastic, or it’s as full as you would like.

Step 5: Wrap around waist and tie a double knot in elastic, and pretend to be a ballerina.


This was such an easy do it yourself project, and I can’t even wait to show how it looks with our full outfit. Which you’ll have to wait until Monday to see. 😉

I’m getting really excited about the Christmas 10k tomorrow! And really looking forward to seeing this girl, and this girl all decked out and ready to run too! The only thing I’m a little worried about is the huge freaking hill I had not accounted for.

Oh well, it’s called a fun run for a reason! I’m just going to have fun running and not worry about time or the freezing cold temps!

Good luck to everyone who is running a race this weekend! If you are racing this weekend, are you planning on dressing up?


16 thoughts on “Tutu-torial

  1. So cute!!! How long did this take? I am running a 5k tomorrow…trying to figure out how to jazz up my outfit beyond my obnoxious light up blinky santa headband 🙂

    • Kim–thanks to this post, I actually made one tonight for my 5K tomorrow and being the LEAST CRAFTY person ever, I can testify that this is so easy! (And cheap! Everything cost me less than $5!)

  2. Cute! And you make it look so easy! I’m tempted to give this ago. I’ve been dying to wear a tutu to a race but all the ones I’ve looked at buying were way overpriced.*

  3. So crafty! I wore a tutu for halloween a few years ago- don’t know where it went tho because I bet it would come in handy for a race sometime. I bet I threw it out 😦
    Good luck in the race!

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  5. I’m a regular reader of your blog and when I just did a google search for how to make a running tutu, you were one of the top results. Woot! I completely forgot about this post too! Thanks for having it here.

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