YMCA Christmas 10k

Running in the Christmas 10k on Saturday was just the thing I needed to officially put me in the Christmas spirit.


And I was so glad the tutu-torial was such a big hit last week. Who knew, making a tutu could be so easy?


Once I was donned in my Christmas running apparel, I was ready to meet up with my friends at the start of the race.


I was super excited to be running the 10k race with Cynthia & Cambry! [Both I met through blogging and we all vowed to run this whole race entirely together].

I was also super excited when my bestie showed up (she was running the 2.5 mile race with her mom).


We went for matchy-matchy on our outfits [minus the hat choice].


Before the start of the race they did a costume contest. Which just so happens to be my favorite part of this race…spying all the creative outfits.

A few of my favs…

Boy in a box… not sure how he runs with no arms!


Wish we were in Hawaii running team, and the snowmen behind them.


And last but not least, The Christmas Tree in the back left, and the penguins!


I’m so not that creative, but it gave me a ton of ideas for next year.

Once the costume contest was over, we lined up ready to start the race.


It was under 30 degrees before the race start, but once we were off it didn’t take long before we were all too hot.

The first 1.5 miles were relatively flat as we raced through neighborhoods. But it wasn’t before long that we found ourselves struggling up the Highland View hill.


The next bit was definitely a trek up that gruesome hill. And I will be the first to admit I was having a hard time at this point.

We were only 2.5 miles in and I needed a walking break. I think the altitude change and cold had a little to do with this too, but most obvious was my lack of hill training prior to this race.

I didn’t think a fun run would be so hard!


At least these ladies stuck by my side, and for awhile we did a run/walk combo until we reached the top of that hill.

Then it was smooth sailing! We were flyin’ down that hill.

There was a point closer to the end of the race where a small group of people dressed in costumes were singing Christmas carols as we ran by which definitely made my day.

Soon we rounding the corner and busting into full on sprints to the finish line.


I was pretty happy with our 10k finishing time of 1:07:30. When we weren’t on our run/walk combo, we were keeping good speed.

And we couldn’t leave without getting a photo with Santa.


After the race we picked up a much needed and earned cup of hot soup. It definitely hit the spot!


And even though this race ended up being harder than I imagined it was going to be, I still had a great time. And was happy to have ran with such great company! Now I’m truly ready for Christmas. Bring it on!

Happy Monday!


14 thoughts on “YMCA Christmas 10k

  1. Sounds like you totally rocked it as per usual! Glad you got some wear out of that costume. It was great to see you so much this weekend. We need to hang out this week again~

  2. Hey, that kid is wearing the same costume I wore on the weekend! (a present/box) – but I cut out arm holes. 🙂

    LOVE LOVE your outfits. So fun & cute! Congrats on the race!!!

  3. Sounds like so much fun! I love your outfit! Glad the race went well! We don’t have many races this time of year since it so cold and often too snowy to run fast!

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