A Great Christmas!

It was worth every hour traveled and every penny spent to get back to Boise for Christmas. There is truly nothing like being home for the holidays.

576 I realize now that I won’t always have the luxury to jump on a plane and go home for every major holiday, so I made sure to soak up as much family time as possible over the past 2 weeks I was home.

Our Christmas eve tradition [“wine at nine”] went off without a hitch. Dad and I had full glasses of red to kick off a lasagna cooking extravaganza at the wee hours of 9:00 am.

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By 4:00 pm our house was full of family and our mouths were watering from the sweet smells of lasagna.


Games were played, gifts were opened and fun times were had by all.

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Christmas morning held another fun cooking tradition that I will share with you tomorrow. It’s not of the healthy kind either, but goes back to my Italian roots.

On Christmas Night we warmed up by drinking a few of mom’s homemade hot buttered rums before visiting the Gardens A Glow.

Which was a great time if I do say so myself.


They turned the Botanical Gardens into a winter wonderland of lights. It was truly breathtaking!



Even J. Alabama had a great time! We were so happy to be able to spend our first married Christmas back in Boise surrounded by family and friends.  390777_10150474125904166_620514165_8434555_1140174338_n

It was truly a blessed Christmas.


As of Monday evening, we arrived back in Georgia and are resuming life as normal over here. I’m excited to get back to my normal running routine and looking forward to a whole new year of awesome!


9 thoughts on “A Great Christmas!

  1. So happy you had such a great Christmas! I love the light show. I need to find something like that around here for next year. I know it exists!

    I am hearing about a lot of families who do lasagna for Xmas… and they all have Italian roots. Have you guys always done lasagna? I think that is so cool!

  2. You had a great Christmas Linzi!

    I love the lights in the botanic gardens, must have felt like you were in a fairtytaile.

    I look forward to a great 2012 for you too and follow your blog next year.

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