Clean Slate

I have always felt a wave of pressure at the start of a new year.

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There is the excitement of the clean slate, making new goals & resolutions for the new year, and the promise for making this new year even better than the last.

But I’ll be honest when I say that I’ve been struggling for the past nine days to come up with any goals for the new year.  And it’s freaking me out big time.


I am a very goal oriented and goal motivated person. So you can understand how confused I feel nine days into 2012 without a single goal or direction for my life.

If it wasn’t for this card I accidently found at the store the other day, I would feel even more lost.


I say accidently because I believe there are no accidents. Yeah yeah, I’m the ‘everything happens for a reason’ type of girl.

So as I’m struggling to understand my reason for being in Georgia, with a fresh clean slate of life and a whole new year to mold into my masterpiece, I look to that card for a breath of relief.

‘I am exactly where I should be.

I am doing exactly what I should be doing’

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I think I’m just in a little new year funk because I know that as each day I get more comfortable with my new life here, we will be moving again this summer and will have to start all over again.

So in the meantime, I will still be working  on being the healthiest version of me.

And well…a clean slate to me means the possibilities are endless.

So I’m not going to dwell on my lack of  resolutions but instead delve into 2012 with open arms and an open mind.


Make it a great year!

16 thoughts on “Clean Slate

  1. this is exactly how i felt for the past 9 days. on jan 3, rob and i sat down to write our goals for the year and I had nothing. the only thing that i came up with is ‘be happy with what you have’ and ‘dont bring work home’. But i didnt have anything concrete, anything tangible anything that i can keep track and measure.
    i have been in a big funk for a while now, plus with vacation blues, things have been sucking!
    but on friday, i went for a great run and i saw so many posibilities. this morning, i sat down and i wrote down goals for my running/health, for work and other goals. and i felt better.

    i am sure your goals will come. but who says we have to make goals on january 1 or january 9. we can make goals all year long. we can start a goal anytime we want. it does not have to be on a specific date and time. that is like saying ‘i will go on a diet on monday’. you dont have to wait for a certain day. it will happen when it happens. i totally beleive in that.

    and that poster does say it all. you are married to your best friend and you guys love each other. and that is exactly where you should be a few short months after you got married. enjoy it!!!

  2. You always seem to work everything out by being positive and motivated. I believe that you can do ANYTHING because you are awesome and amazing. Whatever you put your mind to you can accomplish!

  3. Believe it or not, I did that last year. I had a general idea of wanting to make the year worthwhile, but decided not to set any goals. Looking back, there is no other way I would’ve had it.

    I look forward to seeing where it takes you. 🙂

  4. That is awesome! There is nothing wrong with a little adventure of the unknown! the freedom to do whatever you want to do! I see adventure and endless possibility and its all good!!

  5. That’s a great quote. I understand how you are feeling. It’s hard to get settled and have a place feel like home when you know you are going to be moving soon- everything seems so transitional. I felt this way in VA- I knew I was only going to be there for 3-4 months. You know what you are getting into as a military wife but it doesn’t make the reality of moving a lot any easier.

  6. Maybe you shouldn’t have a year goal this year. Especially since you will be moving again in Summer and don’t know what you can expect then. How about a monthly goal in mileage or number of workouts or a goal for a race in the next 3 to 6 months so you can work out a plan for that?

    I don’t have goals for the first time this year but that was a decision I made. I do have a training plan however, I’m using a 10K plan right now. I don’t have races planned but without a plan I skip runs or workouts too easily.

    I do love the quote.

  7. I’m so sad that I missed you when you were here! Life has just been madness without end. I didn’t really make any new year’s resolutions this year either. Just to keep on keepin on!

  8. It sounds like you have a great outlook for 2012! I’m looking forward to reading about the new adventures you will undertake, as well as all those fun workout classes you do! 🙂

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