Whatever Motivates Ya

In getting back to a more sweat related blog post, I thought I would share what’s been motivating me lately on the workout front.

The Army gym is running a contest for anyone who can spin, zumba, step and yoga “Across America” by April.

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So basically I have until April to complete 37 workout classes at the gym to get a prize pack [which I have no idea what it contains, but the sheer excitement of the prize pack obviously has me sweating it up to find out!]

They calculated that there are 2,220 miles between Fort Benning and Los Angeles, and by taking 37 fitness classes we should have covered that mileage.

I have no real motivation to get toward Los Angeles so I thought I would google the distance between my parent’s address in Boise Idaho and my own address here in Georgia.

Funny, it came out to 2,210 miles.

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So now my motivation is to spin, zumba, step and yoga across America…but to get to Boise, Idaho [in my mind].

Whatever the motivation is—I’m actually pretty proud of myself for keeping to it.

I have already completed 7 classes this year which includes 3 yoga, 2 zumba, and 2 spin classes. And there will be another yoga & spin added today.

I’ll be in Idaho in no time!


Would a contests/game like this motivate you? I didn’t think I would stick with it even this long, but having the visual of trying to get back to Idaho has actually helped a lot. Now I’m in it–to win it!


19 thoughts on “Whatever Motivates Ya

  1. I LOVE challenges like that! I used my gym’s “Maintain Don’t Gain” challenge through the holidays as motivation. Only I set in my mind that instead of just maintaining I would LOSE weight! Whatever works!! Sounds like a lot of fun!!

  2. I love it Linzi, especially the twist you gave it: going home by completing the workouts.

    I think it would motivate me if the gym would offer me enough variety in the classes. The gym that I left now had just a few classes (in fact every gym in my village is poor in offering classes, I think people aren’t in to it). On the other hand i’m bored easily and I wonder if I would stick to it for 4 months.

    Good luck, I’m sure you’ll back home in no time.

  3. What fun!! Zumba, run, hop, skip your way to Boise Linzi. Heck, I’ll Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward dog) my way and meet you the other ten miles! It is so cold here now, and a bit of snow, so wear long pants when you hit Colorado. 🙂

  4. When I think of all the mountains (like all the Rockies) between here and Texas, I am not sure that I am that motivated to exercise my way there…..That said, I like the idea. It is kind of a play on the whole bikecentennial ride idea (1976) which I always thought would be fun if only I had the time.

  5. I wish it was real steps to Boise, but I’ll take what I can get and I agree that we need whatever motivation we can find to get moving! I’ve been thinking of you lots lately and miss you tons. Maybe a phone call is in order? It would be nice to hear your voice. I heart you.

  6. The personal trainer that works with my fellow employees and I has sponsored contests for us. Right now, we’re doing the third installment of The Gauntlet, which is a series of 32 difficult challenges. Some focus on arms, some on core or legs, and others on total body. They are very difficult. Finishing the second installment of The Gauntlet earned a $100 cash prize, so it was nice to have that motivation (and ultimately get some moola!).

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