Aqua Zumba!

As you know, I love to try new things — especially in the fitness class department.

So when I saw AQUA ZUMBA on the fitness schedule at my gym, I knew I had to give it a try.

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I’ve been hitting up regular Zumba classes twice a week for the past few weeks, so if Aqua Zumba was anything like the regular class I just knew I would love it.

I got my game face and tankini on (I think putting on the swimsuit was mentally the hardest part about taking this class), and then was ready to ZUUMMMBA!!!

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The class met in the shallow end of the pool [we were wading in 4.5 feet of water] and didn’t require any equipment like that of a water aerobics class.

Though I did try to channel my water aerobics experience from earlier last summer when I hit up a few classes with my Aunt.


The class blared the same hip shaking and high energy music as a regular zumba class would, and our instructor kept up the energy as she danced the moves outside the pool for us to mimic inside the water.

Dancing in the water was actually a lot of fun. It took about 30 minutes of class for me to figure out how to make the moves work under the water, but once I realized the resistance of the water was my friend I started to feel pretty good.

We still shook our hips, did circular spins, jumping jacks, and other zumba moves in the water, and it definitely kept the essence of a regular zumba class.

Having the challenge of the water was a fun way to spice up my workouts, and I would probably take this class again.

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I’m not a huge pool person and the thought of getting into a swimsuit in the middle of January almost deterred me from going to the class in the first place, but I’m really glad that I suited up and dove in anyways.

It was a fun class that ended up being a bit more of a workout than I thought it would be.  But I would definitely consider it a fun new workout option.


Are you a pool person? I’m soooooo not, but I’m trying to get more comfortable with the pool by taking these types of classes.


13 thoughts on “Aqua Zumba!

  1. I would definitely try pool Zumba if I could here.

    I used to be a pool person, as a child I was at the swimming pool every day if the weather was good. I was a very good swimmer too. Last year I tried to pick it up again and the technique was still there but in the end I found it as boring to swim laps as running on a treadmill. Guess this means I’ve turned into a non-pool person.

  2. I’m swimming 3x a week now so I got used to it, but it can be REALLY hard to feel motivated to put on a swim suit on these cold winter nights.

    Nice job trying the new class – sounds fun!!

  3. This is awesome! I did aqua zumba last summer untill it got too cold in October. (our gym pool is outside, and even though it’s heated I still freeze.) I love the workout and how you can make it more challenging by using your arms more!

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I love zumba.. I love water.. sounds like a GREAT combo to me! Good job expanding your horizons yet again!

  5. What a cool idea! I bet you could really get a great workout from that, like you said, and it would be awesome if you were recovering from an injury!

    I love the water but don’t have access to a pool 😦

  6. That sounds like a fun class! I would definitely try it!

    I’m swimming 2-3x a week while I heal from my stress reaction/fracture and even do a little bit of pool running here and there. So yes… I’m a pool bunny! 🙂

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