Just for Funzies

Just a peek into a random Saturday night spent here in Georgia with new friends.


We found a killer deal on hockey tickets at the local Columbus Cottonmouths Hockey game. We scored $9.00 tickets and took full advantage of $2.00 beer night.

It was fun to get out of the house and cheer on our local team! It felt similar to hitting up a Steelhead’s Hockey game back in Idaho, though I’d say the Cottonmouths seem to be lacking a bit in the fan section, (lots of empty seats).


Good thing I came equipped with a full section of cheering fans!

018019 023021

I met these ladies at The Family Day Adventure a few weeks ago, and we have all been making a point to hang out a couple times a week.

It felt good to have a night on the town with new Army friends.


And the game provided us with entertainment, a chance for us to chit-chat, and loads of laughs.

Exhibit A: The Wiener Dog Races

I guess the locals were encouraged to bring their wiener dogs to the game and bring them on the ice during the break to race off against other wiener dogs.

I’ve never seen anything like that before. And although I let out a chuckle or too, I kind of thought it was a bit strange.


To end the night on a good note, “Our Team” brought home a big fat win in overtime. Oh yeah,  Go Snakes!

We usually keep the weekends pretty low key, so it was fun to mix it up with a night out on the town with our new friends.

Hope y’all had a good weekend, and happy Monday!


Goals for the Week: Run 3 times, hit up a new class at the gym (with a full report to follow), and accomplish 1 yoga, 1 zumba, and 1 spin class this week. EXCITING!!

8 thoughts on “Just for Funzies

  1. It’s great to hear you made new friends in Georgia and you had a great time with them on Saturday night.

    The Wiener dog races looks like so much fun. I think Bella would love that too 🙂

  2. Yay! So glad you got to have a fun night out. I really wish I could have seen the dog race. I think they should do a bulldog race night. Also, it was soooo great to talk to you last night. We really need to do it more. Except I don’t know the weiner dog story got left out :).

  3. how fun sweetheart! Im glad you are making friends and getting explore beautiful GA! Im not sure about the wiener dog race.. lol but Im always loving a good hockey game. FUN!

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