Linzi’s Life On The Run


If you happen to be reading this blog from the actual website you may have noticed something was a bit different over here today.

The blog has a new name!

I’ve been toying with the idea to change my blog name for awhile now, and when I was changing around layouts last night somehow deleted my header (which is no where to be found). So I took that as a sign to move forward.

Since my life over the next few years will include lots of travel and moving around, I thought “On the Run” was fitting. But I also wanted a place where I could openly write about my life, and my adventures in fitness and running.

Destination 26.2 was a great journey for me. And I know I will keep training and working toward Destination 26.2, but I also know deep down that running a marathon will not always be the main goal.


As long as I’m moving forward, working toward my fitness goals, and training for whatever race it is I want to run I’ll be okay.

I suspect that the blog should remain the same as it has over the last few months –random posts about fitness, military life, life updates, etc…

It just felt to right to give the blog a new title and layout. And hopefully a new header here soon too! 🙂

As always, thank you to each and everyone of YOU who has followed me over the years as I’ve crossed numerous finish lines and hit other amazing milestones in my life. You guys are the best, and I’ve really enjoyed being able to come here and share a bit of my life with you.

Now I’ve got to run….or should I say swim? LOL, I’m off to Aqua Zumba to get my underwater booty shake on!


I’m just curious….Why do you read my blog?


17 thoughts on “Linzi’s Life On The Run

  1. I was SO excited when I saw this in my email this morning. I read your blog because YOU are a great inspiration for me. I have loved reading your journey to 26.2 and beyond.

  2. I read your blog ecause I love to read what you are up to no matter what it is. You are a great writer, and you have the guts to show us reality. Great smoothie recipes too!

  3. It’s a great way connect with family! You ARE a great writer and it’s fun to know what you are experiencing as a military wife. My grandaughter is going into the Army reserves this summer, so it’s fun to see what you are experiencing. She absolutely loved the photos of the day you went to the base, was it for “bring your wife to work day?” she loved seeing the different aspects of an army base. Keep up the good work! I admire you for all that you are able to accomplish!

  4. Very appropriate new name! Love the new look, too.

    I read your blog because you offer up a little bit of everything… from daily life as an army wife (or formerly, as a bride/fiancee), tidbits about home (current and otherwise), EVERY KIND OF FITNESS YOU COULD IMAGINE (lol), girly stuff, food/nutrition ETC ETC. But mostly because you inspire me with your zest for life. Your happiness and ‘joie de vivre’ shines through in your posts. You are always eager to tackle a new adventure and take whatever life gives you, making it something great!

  5. I read your blog because I love you!! And it helps me keep up on your life while you’re away. So I’m glad the new title acknowledges that regular “life” posts are on the menu. I look forward to reading lots of fabulous Life on the Run posts. Miss you tons.

  6. love the new header and the new direction. I have also been contemplating changing my website around.
    Because of some of my injuries and just regular life, i wont be able to complete all my stuff on my bucket list. Nor do I really want to. ahhahah that sounds strange i know, but i really have no desire to plan to run 1000 miles or a marathon in the next 12 months.

    so i love what you have going on here and where this is heading. great job!

  7. I read ’cause I love ya and you always manage to move me in some way… smile,tears,get my butt outside,on my bike etc! Always a good few minutes in my day 🙂

  8. I originally read your blog to keep up with the 26.2 adventure. Now I read your blog to keep up with your life adventure! you ARE inspiration : )

  9. I love the new lay-out of your blog. The title totally fits you.

    I read your blog because first I love to read your adventures. You are an amazing positive person, I can’t remember reading anything negative on your blog and since there are too many negative persons in the world it’s refreshing. You are always in for new adventures, trying new things and I love reading about it. You moved to Georgia and instead of whining you saw this as a new adventure and make the most of it.

    Please keep writing your blog as you used to do because I love it.

  10. I like the new blog title a lot! I think it totally suits your journey in life right now.

    I read your blog because you are a beautiful woman inside and out, and I’m constantly inspired by your zest for life and for trying new things, especially if they are fitness-related. I also like reading about your adventures traveling, racing and being an Army wife.

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