Wife of the Year

This kitchen gadget came into my life as a wedding gift, but has made me feel like wife of the year [over and over again].

At least that is how I have felt every single time my husband comes home from work and praises me for the delicious smells coming from our kitchen of a hot cooked meal ready to eat.

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I feel like a rock star, but the beauty of it is– that it only takes minutes of preparation. Oh sweet Crock Pot,  how I love thee.

I honestly spend more time searching for new recipes and buying ingredients than I do actually cooking in my kitchen these days.

Here is a peek at this week’s meal plan.

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So the method to my madness is to spread the Crock Pot love throughout the week. Because one of these meals will typically make leftovers, I don’t necessarily have to plan a meal for the following night.

When planning my dinners for the week, I also try to leave room for a random night out. So by having a few leftover or free nights, we don’t waste money or food. I will also try to buy in bulk, hence why we are having two chicken dinners in a row.

Please note that I’m still planning the veggie that goes with each meal. I wait until I’m at the store to see what vegetable jumps out at me.Also, I don’t always have so many Crock Pot meals in one particular week, but it’s so freaking easy I couldn’t resist!!

Link Love:

Here are link-ups to the three recipes I’m cooking up this week.

So wife of the year or not, I’m just happy to know that we have a menu of eats ready to go  and  no worry of what’s for dinner.


Do you use a Crock Pot? If yes, what are some of your favorite recipes? I’m always looking for easy and yummy ideas.

11 thoughts on “Wife of the Year

  1. i love my crockpot and use it every chance i get.
    i love your recipes for the week. i might have to make some of that chicken taco soup! sounds delicious!

  2. Love the new name of the blog Linzi! I love the crockpot and make soups, chili, and roasted meats in it all the time! I have a beef stew recipe on my sight along with a pork and sauerkraut recipe up.

  3. I love the overnight crockpot oatmeal. Because I am out the door by 5 am to jump in the water, I have to use my morning time wisely. I make a batch and then reheat the left overs the next morning. Its just as yummy. I toss in cranberries and apple slices, but have gotten creative with the nuts as well. I use 1 cup of steel cut oats and 3 cups water, 1/2 cup of milk. (you can mix it up and get creative, like mine a little more dense as your uncle likes it watery-er.lol) put it on low cook before bed and a few hours later… yumminess! (6 hrs to 8 hrs) I love waking up to the smell too. cinnoman, dried fruits, maple syrup, knowing you my sweet girl, there is even room for spinach : ) love you!

  4. I just got a recipe for crockpot spinach artichoke dip that I can’t wait to make. I don’t use the crockpot that much because there aren’t too many veggie recipes for it that I can’t just make in a regular pot.*

  5. That is awesome that you are having three crock pot meals this week! We like to have leftovers too. I will never get those people who don’t eat leftovers 🙂

    We only have one crock pot recipe so far!

  6. I don’t have a crockpot but reading this I think I should have one too 🙂

    I also don’t have leftovers because after 18 years I’m pretty good in estimating what we need for dinner. I do try to watch how much I spend on food and am thinking about making meals for 4 instead of 2 and then freeze the other portion. Mostly because when I divide a recipe from 4 to 2 I have leftovers in vegetables that can only be bought in 1 piece which is enough for 4.

  7. Linzi- Italian beef is a family fave. Put a pot roast or chuck roast in the pot, throw in a couple cans of Campbells Beef Consomme and a jar of Italian Pepperoncini (peppers) and a can of beer. Cook for 6 or so hours, pull out the meat, use 2 forks to pull it all apart. Put the meat on rolls for sandwiches. Serve the broth up separately, if people want to dip it like “au Jus”. If you get fancy. put out some provolone slices frome the deli, and open a bag of chips. love, Mama Kate

  8. We received a Crock-Pot as a wedding gift, but we haven’t used it yet. It has been such a mild winter here in MN that my hubby and I haven’t felt the need to break it out yet. Besides, Mark makes fabulous chili, and he doesn’t need a Crock-Pot for that!

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