Valentine’s 5k Relay

♥Happy Valentine’s Day!!♥

We celebrated V-day a few days early and in the best way possible–by running a Valentine’s Relay Race together on Saturday!


Go Team Awesome!

After a full day of fun [will post in another post], we were decked out in our Team Awesome shirts and vibrams ready to run!


I wasn’t sure at first how the 5k relay would go down, but it was quickly explained that we would each alternate running 10 laps [five laps per person].

Each lap was roughly .31 of a mile — not too bad right?

Runner number one was to pass off the slap bracelet to runner number 2 once they completed their first lap. This signified that runner 2 was ready to start running.


This race was actually pretty small, with only 36 teams in total. That made it easier to weave through people during the laps and easier to find J. Alabama during the transition.

The picture below is the first group of runners, getting ready to take off. Can you spot J. Alabama in the front left?


I must also mention that it was something like 40 degrees. So everyone was freezing,  but it seemed to motivate us to run even faster once we got going.

The race started promptly at 5:00 pm and the first group of runners were off!


The race route had us looping around Loco’s restaurant and a bunch of shops. There was also a pretty abrupt hill around the corner to add a little extra difficulty.


In no time J. Alabama was finished with his first lap and handing off the slap bracelet for me to run my first lap.


I thought only running .31 of a mile would be a cinch, but speed work is no joke friends.


I ran my little heart out that first lap, while my lungs burned from the cold air.

The laps went by quickly though, and in no time at all J. Alabama handed me the bracelet for my final lap. He wished me luck and told me to RUN!


I knew I still had some speed left in me, and gave it my all that last lap. I honestly don’t know how fast my laps were, but I was really flying on that last one.

I zoned in on the finish line, picked up the pace even more and passed a few people to the finish.


We finished our 5k Relay in 22 minutes! That is way faster than any 5k I have ever ran solo. LOL.

We ended up placing 9th out of 23 husband/wife teams, and finished 15th out of 36 teams total. We were both happy with our finish considering it was all for love and fun!


We were both completely smoked by the end of the race, with our muscles aching from running so swiftly. Which is a good thing!

With our entry fee into the race we also received two technical race shirts, and a $30 gift certificate to spend at the restaurant that we were running in circles around.

We both had a fun time racing together and agreed that even though we only ran 1.5 miles each, the relay style was a fun format and the fact that we got to race together and have a fun dinner afterwards made it all worth it.

Check back later this week for more Valentine’s Adventures. 🙂


Have you ever ran in a short relay race? Have you ever ran in a night race?

I’ve done two other relay races, but nothing so short and quick as this. And all my races have been in the morning so the adjustment to racing at night was a bit different.


13 thoughts on “Valentine’s 5k Relay

  1. Oooh this sounds like so much fun! What a great way to celebrate Valentines. Congrats on the speedy race!! Starting and stopping at full speed must have been tough.

  2. What a cool idea – you could totally get a faster 5K time out of running it that style! How neat! I have done the Ragnar relay, but never one like this! I am doing a 10 mile relay this weekend 🙂

  3. thats actually REALLY cool!
    1. ur time is absolutely amazing!
    2. really fun relay race
    3. yay for the gift certificate! enjoy ur dinner!

  4. What fun race to do together and such an awesome time and placing for the two of you.

    I have done a night race twice, both the same race and both 5K on a weekday after work. It wasn’t that bad but I prefer to run in the morning. Which for races is difficult here because most races start in the afternoon here.

  5. What a cool race! I like the relay idea… you and your hubby were smoking!

    The only relays I’ve participated in have been Ragnar and the Minneapolis Duathlon Relay. Looking forward to this year’s Ragnar!

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