Simply Six

All it takes is a little determination and some great music on your iPod to get you through.

Six miles.

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I haven’t ran six miles since the Christmas 10k in December, and honestly haven’t ran more than five miles combined this whole entire month.

So I’m still a little confused as to what even sparked the long run yesterday since my running mojo has fizzled lately.

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It must have been this beautiful weather and curiosity of what the path looks like farther down. (Since my arrival in GA I’ve slowly inched farther and farther down it, hoping to one day make the 16 mile round trip.)

Yesterday marked six glorious, amazing and energizing miles.

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There were many a walk break, photo break, and just enjoying the moment and surroundings around me breaks all mixed in with several stretches of running to the beat of my music.

I had no intention of going six miles, but am so happy that I went with what my body was feeling and didn’t let any negative thoughts of not having ran much this year hold me back from proving to myself that I’m still a runner, and I’ve still got it.

Have a great weekend — mine already started off to a GREAT start so I’m happy! 🙂

12 thoughts on “Simply Six

  1. Wow! Just seeing that picture, it is EASY to understand what sparked that run. What a beautiful day! You go girl! I am happy you ran 6 and felt great! 🙂

  2. So proud of you girl! I have fallen out of my running since we ran the 10K too and I think you’ve inspired me to try and just jump back in! Awesome job 🙂

  3. I really need to get back into the running groove. I’ve had a hard time with anything more than 3 miles. I’m hoping that spring will bring around better running mojo.

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