Extra day, Extra workout

Happy LEAP day!

What did you do with your extra day?

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Of course I used mine to squeeze in one last workout to round out the month. I will be sharing my Fabulous February overview tomorrow!

Today’s three miles on the old treadmill felt hard at first but oh-so-good by the end. Love that!

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I finished off the workout by stopping by the weight room and adding in 75 push presses [40lbs] followed by 10 kettle bell swings. Just a mini CrossFit workout to make me almost pass out. Whew!

At least I had cute hair while I did it.


I’m getting better at the mini side French braid. This style is absolutely perfect for running and CrossFit activities, as your hair stays put and out of your face.

Whatever you did with your extra day, I hope it was awesome.

Happy Workout Wednesday!


5 thoughts on “Extra day, Extra workout

  1. Great workout Linzi!

    I didn’t get a workout in yesterday and other than that it was just an ordinary day.

    I used to have longer hair but since a couple of year I wear it shorter which is perfect for running and other workouts.

  2. I cannot do the side mini french braid thing at all! I usually just twist my hair off to the side instead because I just can’t braid! I can french braid my hair regular but ask me to do a mini side braid and I just can’t! lol

  3. I worked on my special day… nothing too exciting! Your hair looks super cute, even while getting your sweat on. I used to have long hair when I was a kid, and my mom would French braid it quite frequently. She never tried the side braid, though.

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