Resistance at its finest

As you all know, I’m not shy about trying out new fitness classes. So it will be no shock to you that I hit up a TRX class yesterday, just to see what it was all about.

Now I honestly had no idea what TRX was. When I walked into the gym and saw this sight [strappy contraption thingies hanging on the wall], I was a little anxious as to what type of torture device I was voluntarily hooking myself into.

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Though I was excited to see that the lady who teaches my favorite yoga class was also the teacher to this class. Oh, it’s going to be all zen and stuff I thought. Yeah right.

She quickly had us take hold of the TRX straps (they are not elastic like I thought at first), holding one in each hand and instructed us to lean back so all our body weight was being held in the strap. Then we were to do squats.

I quickly learned that the resistance of the band + our own body weight was what was going to give me my workout.


After several minutes of exercises [side lunges, tricep curls, bicep curls], we added in some cardio. I didn’t even cringe with the mention of suicides.

Nope, I was like hell yeah! I started running as fast as I could from one line on the basketball court to the other and back.

After each cardio session we would move onto another workout with the TRX.  The most difficult one for me was putting my feet in the straps and facing the floor for planks.


I didn’t realize how diverse you could be with these straps. And I also didn’t realize how much of a workout I was getting.

Today, as I write this post about my TRX experience, my entire upper body is tight as can be and I can barely put my hands above my head.  Yes, I’m that sore!

So I’m thinking I will keep my body guessing by alternating between Powerflex and TRX classes.  As both classes seem to be giving me an awesome workout.

The only bummer is both classes are offered at the exact same time. So I will have to choose.

Anyways, TRX is basically a workout done mostly with these TRX straps, using the resistance of your own body. It was totally weird at first, but based on how my body feels today I will definitely give it another go!


Have you ever done a TRX workout?

Happy Workout Wednesday! 🙂


12 thoughts on “Resistance at its finest

  1. that is so cool! i love new group fitness classes. i have never tried TRX before but it looks super hard. Great job Linzi for doing this class. hope your muscles recover sooN!

  2. I haven’t done a class focused on these but have used them, to do pushups and other things. You really work your body when you are using your own body weight for resistance!

  3. No haven’t. I have heard about it though. Sounds like a tough workout.
    I would alternate every week between the two classes, that way you won’t get bored by them either.

    I still love it how you keep trying new classes, you always have an open mind to try something new.

  4. I’ve seen those things around but really had no idea how versatile they are! Sounds like a great workout. Good for you trying YET AGAIN something new!

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