Shamrock Shakers Showcase

I wanted to give a huge thank you to everyone who decided to Shake Their Shamrocks this past weekend! It’s been fun reading all of your race recaps and seeing how you did.

Besides being a great motivator to run, virtual races are also a great way to “meet” new bloggers and running friends! So take this opportunity to see how the other Shamrock Shakers did on their runs.

Amy from Army Amy


7k in 44:16


Marlene from Mission to a(nother) Marathon

7k in 37:44




13k in 1:39:24


Jess from Run with Jess


13k in 1:18:34


Natalie from Funner Runner

natalie g2

13k in 1:14:15


Lori C.


7k in 39:37


Shamrock Shaker Co-host Aneta of My Running Bucket


7k in 45:28


Krissy from Shiwaselife


Krissy actually ran a Marathon!


Pammie from The “R” Word


13k in 1:11:35



victoria victoria2

Photo of her view while she ran on Vacation in Armenia!

13k in 1:11:16


The Linz from Linzi’s Life on the Run


4.50 miles in 46:30 & 3.58 miles in 39:00


Robin from Robin’s Blog | 7k in 41:53


Aneta and I will be sure to announce the winners very soon, so stay tuned. And thanks again for everyone who participated in our second annual Shake Your Shamrock Race!


4 thoughts on “Shamrock Shakers Showcase

  1. I was very bad – I ran the 13km but I did not wear green because it was colder than I thought so I had to wear a long sleeve and then I didn’t take ANY pictures. Sorry about that! Oh and I can’t seem to post comments on your blog with my usual morning runner email – its been giving me problems every once in a while saying I need to sign in so I used a different one this time. just fyi!

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