“Home Sweet Home”

74 days, 2220 miles, 37 hours and buckets of sweat later…I made it “home” to Boise, Idaho on the Bike, Swim, Zumba Across America map!


I actually made it home last Wednesday and was waiting to receive my prize pack before sharing the good news with you all.

I know you are going to be as excited as I was to see how all this hard work paid off.



I mean if a Property of XXL t-shirt, a few sport bracelets, a sticker and a fitness bag doesn’t say good job for 37 hours of fitness classes then I just don’t know what does!

The main point here is that I finished something I started. And I used this map to motivate myself to stay consistent with fitness classes since the start of the year.

To that I am so proud of myself, and shall celebrate by donning my new wrist ware. The yellow bracelet says, “Find Your Switch” which will be a nice bit of inspiration on a long run.

Now my “switch” is getting running gear at a discounted price. New running gear is always a great motivator to run! Whoopeee!

What’s your workout motivator?


12 thoughts on ““Home Sweet Home”

  1. Very cool! I’m all over this challenge. Maybe I should tally my running miles and see if it’s enough to get to Afghanistan. That might be a wee bit too far. Good job getting to Idaho!*

  2. Great job Linzi!

    New sports gear like clothes or shoes are always a motivator for me too. And the feeling afterwards that I did it again, especially on the days I don’t really feel like running or working out.

  3. Congrats! That is so awesome you finished! I am always on the look out for cheaper price. I just bought a bunch of winter clothes on sale – kind of stinks but the end of season stuff is usually the cheapest, you just have to wait 6 months to use it again!

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