Now as a person who buys running shoes quite regularly it’s nice to verify ever now then that you are running in the right type of shoe. For me, I usually just went with what felt good at the time and never thought much of it after that.

Well at our running store, we do a little analysis for every customer and watch and record them running on the treadmill to see if they are overpronating or not.

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For a more in depth look at this topic check out this Runner’s World article.

Normal pronation is the heel making contact with the ground and rolling in 15%.

Overpronating is when your heel makes contact with the ground, but actually rolls inward more than the normal 15%.

Now I’ve heard these words thrown around a lot and never really paid attention until two weeks ago when I was paid to. But now I so wish I had.

I felt the best way to understand it for myself was to do my own self analysis. So on the treadmill I went.

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Now the deal with overpronating is this…you are rolling inward farther than the normal amount on your foot and your foot and ankle are going to have more trouble stabilizing your body when your foot hits the ground. In return, this could cause injury if you are not running the correct shoe.

After my self analysis I was surprised to see this.


I’m an overpronator!! I honestly had no idea I ran like this. A normal pronator’s foot would be more flat on the treadmill, whereas mine rolls in.

The easiest way to correct this problem is to find shoes that have stability built in them. This can help stabilize your foot, so you don’t roll inward when you land.

It’s sort of frustrating to realize that I have been running in the wrong shoes all these years. But I am excited now to try a shoe with a little extra stability.

I’ll be sure to keep you posted with what shoes I purchase next. But in the meantime I have my eyes on these ones.

Brooks Adrenaline


Brooks Pure Cadence


These are a more minimalist version of Brooks with stability built in.

I’ve always been an Asics girl, but with all the running I’ve been doing in my vibrams, I would like to keep running in something lighter. The Cadence will be a better transition shoe for me, and the Adrenaline will hopefully help with my overpronation issue.


Are you a normal pronator or overpronator?

Disclaimer: I’m not an expert on this topic, but thought I would share some information that I am learning.


12 thoughts on “Rollin’

  1. One of my best friends works at a sports (specifically running) specialty shoe store and I have learned SO much from him! It’s incredible, isn’t it?!

    I overpronate too and have the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 12. I love love LOVE them!

    Lookin forward to hearing about what you get and if you like ’em.

  2. I actually EXTREMELY supinate, or foll my foot outward, the opposite of you. And I was in the Adrenalines, wrongly for about 1.5 years… and a running shoe store gave them to me AFTER a vid! I have been in nuetral shoes now since the end of Oct 2010 and it’s made a world of difference.

    Loved this post! Love hearing about your new job!!!

  3. I’m an overpronator too and every time I do the analysis they get me in a stability shoe. Bought the Brooks PureCadence a few months ago and So far I love them! I haven’t done anything over 10 miles in them yet though, hopefully soon!

  4. I had an analysis two years ago when I got my Brooks Ariels but it’s been way too long. I need to go again! I really like the pure cadence.

    Sounds like a fun job!

  5. I use a stability shoe as well, the Brooks Trance (and Brooks Adrenaline when I couldn’t get the Trance in Canada).

  6. I don’t know if I pronate or overpronate. Hm. Seems like the kind of thing I should know. I guess I need to find out the next time I buy running shoes!*

  7. My running store does this too and the first time I bought running shoes they had me run too and I’m an overpronator too. Back then I bought Brooks Adrenaline and haven’t switched since then. I always have 2 or 3 pairs of running shoes (3 at the moment) and they are all Brooks Adrenaline.
    Last time I bought shoes I brought my old Brooks and said I needed a new pair. Didn’t even try them, just bought them.
    Love that shoe!

    I’ve tried Asics gels but I had problems immediately. I use those for my workouts at home now.

  8. i wear the adrenalines and i am also a pronator! your computer screen is soooo cool! that is a cool system to have (and play with) at work!

    im so glad you are loving the new job.

  9. I’m an over-pronator… I have VERY flat feet so I think that has something to do with it? I wear shoes with pretty high support except for short races where I have transitioned to a lighter shoe.

  10. I’m definitely an over-pronator and for several years, I’ve worn custom orthotics to help with that. However, I’ve transitioned out of orthotics into stability shoes. Currently, I’m wearing a pair of Saucony Guide 3s that I bought back in 2010. I hope the Guide 5s will work for me because that is likely what I’ll transition to next!

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