Marvelous March

I’m seriously amazed at how quickly time is flying by this year. I’m so excited for what’s in store this coming month, but I will tease you just a little bit longer as we take a look back at my Marvelous March accomplishments.


March in numbers…. 

Total Running Mileage: 23 miles

Total fitness classes attended at Gym: 10 classes

  • Zumba class: 2
  • Yoga class: 2
  • PoweFlex: 5
  • TRX: 1
  • CrossFit workouts: 1


Class-of-the-month: TRX Class


Race(s) of the Month:

Shake Your Shamrock Virtual Race


SMA Eat ‘n Run 5k


Spin, Yoga & Zumba Across America: I finally made it home on the map! I completed 37 hours of fitness classes at my gym since Jan 1st.


Biggest announcement of the month: Hello employment!


I could not be more excited about my new job working at a local running company!

DIY Project of the month:  Kitchen Chair Makeover



Looking forward: I hinted at wanting April to be here and now it’s finally here! Woo hoo!

The big news I’ve been holding onto were that my parent’s will be visiting me for an entire week this month! I can’t wait to show them our house and a little bit more around the army base.


They helped moved us to Georgia in October, but we didn’t have a home to show them then. And now that we have our bearings here, there are going to be some fun activities planned!

On the race front: Y’all know that I’m going to be meeting up with some fellow Fitfluentials to run in The Dirty Girl 5k on April 28th! Can’t wait!

On the Army front: And if all that news isn’t enough, I’m so proud to say that J. Alabama will be graduating from his training this month. (More details on that to come, and what comes after).

So needless to say, I’m MORE than excited for April to be here and have grand plans to make this an Adventurous April!

So stay tuned for some crazy shenanigans this month! 🙂

10 thoughts on “Marvelous March

  1. You sure had a marvelous month Linzi! Congrats on your awesome results.

    And the news your parents are coming to visit you is the best news. You will have a great week together. And of course J. Alabama graduating is fantastic too.

    Make it a fantastic April.

  2. Yay! You are all set up for an awesome April! Congrats to J! And have a BLAST when your family comes! It will be so fun to show them all around your new neck of the woods 😉

  3. great month,Linzi! I wish I could say the same!
    But i hope that April is better for me.

    have a great April and its exciting that your parents are visiting. yay~

  4. I’m so happy that you’re parents are coming for a visit… and a little bit jealous. I just got back from a post-session spring break trip to WY to see my mom, sister, and nephews and it was a really nice break. I can’t wait to hear more details about what’s to come army wise and hope we get a chance to catch up soon. I had a dream about you on vacation. Basically, you were helping me when Dustin and I got evicted from our house. It was a weird dream, but I distinctly remember you being there as a positive, helpful thing. Miss you tons!!!!!!!

  5. What a great month! Way to go! It looks like April is going to be good, too. It will be so nice to have your ‘rents visiting. I know you miss them.*

  6. I can’t wait to read more about your parents’ visit. I’m sure they will have so much fun visiting you! What a fantastic March you had! I look forward to reading about what April will bring you!

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