Lone Star

I’ve kept y’all on your toes a bit about the next move in our Army adventure. Since we are only a day away from J’s graduation I felt it appropriate to spill the beans today.

You probably already guessed it by reading the title of today’s blog post. Yes, we are moving to TEXAS!


It’s taken a little while to get used to the idea but I have been pleasantly surprised by Georgia. So I think I’m warming to the idea of liking Texas too.

And if all goes as planned – we will be stationed in El Paso for a few years. Which means I can actually unpack some of the boxes that have been piling up since October of last year.

It’s crazy to read back on my post about moving from Idaho to Georgia (I remember writing and rewriting it many times). I was outwardly optimistic, but inwardly I was in such a different place.


Now I sort of know what to expect for our future move. LOL.

We still have a little while left in Georgia. We hope to be moving to Texas sometime in the early Fall, but with the Army you still just never know. [Really just depends on what training school’s J adds on after this point].

Now I am just going to appreciate all the little things here. As the guy’s gear up for graduation tomorrow…I gear up my little heart to start the goodbye’s to some of my close friends here who will leave before us.


That’s the part about moving that sucks. Saying goodbye and starting all over again.

Though change is a good thing, it’s definitely hard. Moving to Texas will be yet another adventure that will make me stronger and provide me with some new perspective.


Where are my Texans at? Shout out please! Tell me all the goods about Texas, longhorns, etc… I seriously don’t know anything about Texas.


16 thoughts on “Lone Star

  1. Aw girl, I know exactly how you feel. Last year I moved from the only state I had ever lived in (and loved) to virginia for a few months before packing up again for SC. It is hard to start over but it is also fun and exciting. Well, packing sucks but you know what I mean 🙂 I’m here if you ever want to chat/vent!

  2. I almost wanted to cry when I read the word “move.” I really hope we can get together for a run before that big move. Good luck with everything. I know you will adjust just fine but I know the hassle of moving.

  3. Obviously, I wish it was Idaho and not Texas, but I’m glad that you’re keeping a positive attitude. Plus it will be nice once you get settled that you’ll be there for awhile. I see a road trip down there in the future. I think about you often and miss you always. Love ya!

  4. I’m so excited for you! PCSing isn’t exactly the most fun thing ever, but it helps when you’re going somewhere good. I’ve heard mixed reviews on that particular post, but it’s really what you make it. Best wishes for a smooth move!*

  5. omg Texas! now u r farther away from me! booooo

    just joking! it will be great. a new adventure! ive nver been to texas but i hear wonderful things about it. love your positive attitude and your thirst for adventure! good luck linzi! *hugs*

  6. Exciting news girl, but also sad you have to leave Georgia and all the people you have become close to there. I am sure Texas will be awesome – at least you get to explore a new place. I have lived in the same town my whole life!

  7. I feel like you guys just moved! This is exciting, especially if you will be staying a while. Texas sounds fun, I have a lot of family there.

    Congrats on J’s graduation!

  8. You’re moving again?! It seems like you just moved to Georgia!

    Good luck with your move. Hopefully you’ll have more time in Georgia than you’ll anticipate so you can fully appreciate the experience. No doubt you’ll keep the same positive attitude about the move to Texas that you had when moving to Georgia.

    Congrats to J Alabama on his graduation!

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