The Dirty Girl Mud Run [Atlanta]

On Saturday I embarked on an adventure of endurance, strength and filth.




DirtyGirlMudRun-April2012 035

The Dirty Girl Mud Run kicked off in Atlanta, Georgia and I was so excited to be there representing FitFluential out on the course.

And in true Fitfluential [and Linzi] style, I ran this race with a girl of whom I’d met only once, and randomly at that [we met on a college campus while I was working an expo for my running store job and within a few minutes of meeting she had signed up to run this race with me]. True story.

Yay for fitness friends!


As you might know, I am a mud running veteran. I’ve got two Dirty Dashes under my belt, but I honestly still did not know quite what to expect at The Dirty Girl race.

All I knew is that this was going to be a women only race, and it was sure to be a good time had by all.

DirtyGirlMudRun-April2012 001

A huge shout out to my friend (and photographer) Emily! I would have been so lost without her to keep me company on the 2 hour drive from Columbus to Atlanta.

We arrived at the expo to pick up my packet roughly two hours before my wave start. Thank goodness we did, as the packet pickup lines were loooooooooong!

DirtyGirlMudRun-April2012 006

And not to mention is was in the upper 80’s! It was so hot that I was actually daydreaming about diving into the mudpit.

DirtyGirlMudRun-April2012 003

After I picked up my packet I was on the hunt for my running partner. We found each other in the crowd and quickly got pumped up about the adventure we would soon be going on.

Oh yeah, and a few pre-race photos were taken. We had to get some clean ones in there before all the dirty ones to follow. LOL.

DirtyGirlMudRun-April2012 008DirtyGirlMudRun-April2012 018

There was a super fun vibe going on at the start line. The music was blasting, and everyone was cheering and dancing. I was pumped!

Soon enough we were lined up to start the race, and then we were off!

DirtyGirlMudRun-April2012 009

We actually ran about a half mile through the park before we hit our first obstacle which ended up being a tower of hay bails that we had to climb over.

After that we continued running on in the heat to find our second obstacle involved an army style crawl through mud under a netting. Yay we were finally getting dirty!

DirtyGirlMudRun-April2012 017

Our third obstacle was a love a much desired pit of mud. We watched as several of the women were prancing through it and coming out fairly clean.

So we decided that we wanted to get as muddy as possible, and just dive right on in.

DirtyGirlMudRun-April2012 020

Okay… ready…1,2,3….Dive head first!!

DirtyGirlMudRun-April2012 021

Oh yeah! We had mud everywhere after this!

DirtyGirlMudRun-April2012 023 DirtyGirlMudRun-April2012 024


Next up was the tire run.

DirtyGirlMudRun-April2012 026

All was going well until Sheena proclaimed “This will be fine as long as I don’t eat it…”

DirtyGirlMudRun-April2012 025mandown

Well right back up she went! The tire run was actually harder than I imagined it would be and I’m surprised that I didn’t fall.

We ended up skipping one obstacle after the tire run. The line was backed up by like 40 people and I could feel my skin burning from the sun.

So we just zig-zagged through the park until we made our way to the next obstacle.

DirtyGirlMudRun-April2012 027

The net climb was one of the hardest obstacles in my opinion. It was like 30 feet high and a bit scary once you hit the top and had to climb down.

But we both conquered it like champs! DirtyGirlMudRun-April2012028-1  DirtyGirlMudRun-April2012 029 DirtyGirlMudRun-April2012 030

There were a few more obstacles after the net climb, but it wasn’t in range of our photographers. We had to scaled down the side of a hill and then scale back up it.

Then we had one final run to the final pit of mud.

DirtyGirlMudRun-April2012 032

And head first again! It was too fun to just dive right in.

DirtyGirlMudRun-April2012 033

We sped to the finish line and were jumping with excitement when we had finished!

DirtyGirlMudRun-April2012 034  DirtyGirlMudRun-April2012 036

We were hot, sweaty, muddy and happy! Go Dirty Girls!

DirtyGirlMudRun-April2012 031

It was so tempting not just give her the world’s biggest muddiest hug…lol but I played nice and we faked this hug for the camera.

DirtyGirlMudRun-April2012 037

We then headed to the shower area. Girls only!

DirtyGirlMudRun-April2012 013

I appreciated how the race catered to women, as it was a women’s only race.

And I was completely in awe of the gigantic shoe donation pile.

DirtyGirlMudRun-April2012 010

It was an awesome feeling to throw our shoes into the mix after the race and know they will be going to good home.


Then it was time to celebrate our accomplishments with a nice frosty Busch beer. Mmmm…nothing ever tasted so good!


My experience of the race was a positive one. It was so fun to run with just women, and I think they made the obstacles challenging enough but with easier options for those who maybe weren’t feeling it.

There was definitely an abundance of water stops [thank goodness] as I think we would have passed out due to the heat. And the volunteers were amazing!!

The running portion of the race was actually more than I expected. But I’m glad, I still wanted to count this race as a workout. And I think it was judging by how sore I was on Sunday morning!

And the t-shirt and necklace we received were a fun girly touch.


It was such a fun race and I was so glad to have been given the opportunity to do it. I wish I had connected with some of the other FitFluential people out there, but it was kind of a mad house at the race start I didn’t end up finding any of them.

I can honestly say my Dirty Girl Mud Run experience was a great one! And even after two showers I was still finding dirt on me! 🙂

FitFluential LLC compensated me for this campaign. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


14 thoughts on “The Dirty Girl Mud Run [Atlanta]

  1. What a lot of fun Linzi, great report.

    I love women only races, it’s not as competative then if men are racing too and here in Holland the slower runners sign up for these races more easily than on the mixed ones.

  2. I love that you did this with a new running friend! I usually am not attracted to these sorts of races but you made it seem really fun!

    I never would have thought about the lines for the obstacles! I wonder if most races are like that.

    I love your tops! Where are they from?

  3. Your hair in the “after” photo looks just as good as in the “before” photo! How’d you do that? It’s like hair voodoo! And good job on the race! You got really muddy, so I assume that means you did it right.*

  4. I’ve never had the desire to do a mud or obstacle run, but since this one is for women only, I might reconsider. Looks like you had a great time! Congrats, and thanks for sharing all the photos!

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