Birthday Girl

It was a happy birthday indeed!


I was completely blown away by the phone messages, face book messages, blog messages and texts I received yesterday. It definitely made a girl feel loved.

The b-day festivities actually started on Tuesday with lounging by the pool for a few hours then a fabulous bbq dinner.



MMmmmm…veggie kabobs and wine! [This was just the appetizer].


After we grilled up Emily presented me with this amazing homemade cheesecake. Delish!


On my actual birthday I had a low-key morning, letting the husband cook me breakfast and catching up on the Glee season finale until it was time to head to work.

I arrived at work to see that one of my co-workers had brought cupcakes from our favorite cupcakery in Columbus. So sweet.


Before I could even walk through the front door after work I was greeted with a card from grandparents, and a package from my parents. [This might actually be the first birthday ever not spent with my family in Idaho. So receiving a b-day mail was kind of awesome!].


I laugh because they sent me some vitamins, a card, and some Indian food (which is exactly where we were headed for dinner!). Great minds think alike.

After getting all dolled up we headed out the door to The Taj Mahal. Which is the best Indian food in Columbus, GA!

IMG_0240[Which is even funnier because there is a Taj Mahal in Boise, which may have confused a few people back home when I ‘checked in’ on facebook.]

I was excited to try something new and opted to give the one of the Indian Beers a try. Royal Challenge was a light beer with a bit of a spice. I rather enjoyed it.


We ordered a few appetizers, but my photo of the Dosa (which is an Indian crepe] was too fun not to share.


The Dosa was a fried crepe filled with chutney, potatoes and onions. It had such great flavor, and was pretty filling.

After dinner J. Alabama surprised me with a birthday gift.


This camera is amazing! It’s so tiny, lightweight, and has so many fun features. I can’t even wait to bust it out and use it!!

And if that wasn’t enough he came out the kitchen with a box full of cupcakes from my favorite cupcakery.


It was a cupcake kind of day, and I loved every part of it!

Thanks again for all your sweet messages over the last few days. I felt such an amazing amount of love. Twenty-nine is already shaping up be to a great time.


13 thoughts on “Birthday Girl

  1. Happy happy birthday! Looks like you had an amazing day. I mean any day when you can be gifted so many cupcakes has to be one for the record books. 🙂

  2. So glad that you did this post of your amazing birthday. Sounds like you’re getting the love you deserve down south. Hope you top off all of the festitivities with an awesome holiday weekend. I’m excited because my mom is flying in tonight to spend 5 days with me. Lots of games will be played and food will be eaten. Wish you were here!

  3. Sounds like it is known that you love cupcakes. And now I’m totally craving some! Ha!

    I’m glad you had a good birthday celebration. It’s going to be a good year!*

  4. I’m not a cupcake person, but after seeing the photos of all those amazing cupcakes, I’m definitely craving one now!! Happy birthday, Linz! I know you’re going to have an amazing year.

  5. Yes! Cupcakes x2! Indian food x2! What an awesome birthday! I bet your friends back home were totally hoping you were there when you checked in 🙂

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