Motivating May

Yes it was!


Total Running Mileage: 33 miles

This is my happy running face, even though it’s sad to admit that this may be my highest mileage month of the year.


I think I’m finally getting into a running groove, and actually have some secret races I’m training for. [More deets as plans finalize].

Class-of-the-month: 20/20/20


A fun mix of cardio, kickboxing, and abs! I took this class a few times and rather enjoyed the addition of kickboxing back in my life.

Newest fitness adventure of the month: CrossFit Boot Camp

I was really ready to step up my workouts, and this 5 day a week 5:30 am class is going to be just the thing. It works perfect with my work schedule, and I’m done with my workouts for the day before I even start my day.


I’m ready to get stronger and be more fit!

Welcome into the ‘29’ Club!


It was a low key birthday, but perfect in every way. I think I’m in denial that I’m actually turning 30 next year. Eeek!

Army Moment of the month: Graduation!

J. Alabama finished up yet another school, [Army Reconnaissance Course].  So now it’s on to Pre-Ranger and Ranger School which is supposed to be pretty intense. That will keep him going for the next few months.

More Goodbyes: Two more Army Wives that have come into my life and are moving on to bigger and better things. 😦


It’s a bummer we aren’t all moving to the same place. I’ll miss you ladies!


May Aftermath:

Life is good! I’ve been busy at work, learning TONS at the running store and just loving life.


Every morning at 4:00 a.m I’m super excited to see what’s in store for us at boot camp. I hope I can keep up this feeling for 3 more weeks, ha!

Looking Forward: June…

Hubby and I have a fun little [one night] get-away tomorrow night, before he starts his intense Ranger training.


And then mid-June I’m hopping a plane back to Boise, [WOO HOO!] for a special event. My dad is turning 60 and I am so blessed and beyond excited that everything is working out for me to be able to celebrate with him and the fam.

Sounds like June is going to be a wild month. I can’t wait!

How did your May shape up?  I honestly can’t believe how packed my month was, and was super proud of everything I have accomplished this past month.


8 thoughts on “Motivating May

  1. That was one awesome month! You seem to be settled into a great routine there. But waking up 4am every day… wow, that is some discipline!

    Enjoy the little getaway!

  2. Awesome month! I love how you do so much fun stuff. I feel like I get into the same old routine each week and hardly try anything new!

  3. Linzi!
    what a great month! good job, girl!
    wow 5 days a week at 5:30…that is great. i wish i could find a 5 am class to attend!

    looking forward to seeing what you will do in June!

  4. Yeay for another great month! Good luck to your husband. From what I have heard, Ranger school is bananas. (Do you read Her husband is a ranger, and I think she has some posts aboutvwhat you can expect while your soldier is away.) *

  5. What a great month for you! I hope you and J. Alabama enjoy your little getaway!

    My May was good. I set a new 1-mile PR at the Medtronic TC 10 Mile, and realized how much I like Madison, Wisconsin. What a great city for running!

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