Sweet Escape

J. Alabama and I were in need of a little getaway, even if that just meant hitting the road for a day adventure in nature.


Pine Mountain lies just 30 minutes out of town and is full of amazing nature trails for hiking.

We picked a 6.7 mile trail for hiking and began our journey.

010 012

There was so much beauty to take in on our little hike. And it was so peaceful.


We picked this particular trail to hike because we were told of the spectacular waterfalls along the trail.   028 029

After about 2 hours of hiking I joked that “For some reason it doesn’t seem like a big deal for me to run countless miles for hours on end, but to hike 6 miles seems really hard!”


Yeah, by mile 5.5 I was giving myself a little pep talk.


And then we picked up the pace and added in a little trail running for the last mile. Now I know why people love it. It’s truly exhilarating to fly over rocks and dodge roots and just run in nature.

I’m thinking next time we run whole thing! 🙂

After three hours of hiking we were starving. So we decided to stop at Bon Vivant Cafe per recommendation of a friend.


Oh my was this place the perfect little lunch stop. So cute!


It had a very old fashioned and vintage feel.

I knew I was in love when they brought out these cute 8oz Diet Coke’s in the bottle.


We first started with the cheese & fruit plate as an appetizer.


Fresh grapes, strawberries, blueberries, and mango to pair with brie, jalapeño cheddar, and a pepper jack. Hit.the.spot!

When it was time to order our meal J. Alabama went with the House special, Rosemary Cheddar Waffles!


Yes, it was quite an interesting combination of ingredients but it was truly delicious!

I opted for a roast beef sandwich stuffed with a horseradish sauce, caramelized onions and garlic. It was paired with a light and refreshing broccoli and cauliflower salad.


I only ate half my meal because I was warned to save room for the homemade ice cream.  Homemade Vanilla Almond ice cream after a 3 hour hike, yes please!


It was the perfect little treat to end such a sweet day with the husband.


Who knew trail running rocked so much? I want to go again! 🙂


13 thoughts on “Sweet Escape

  1. What a great day Linzi and such a beautiful trail.

    We don’t have trails like that here in Holland but we do have beautiful forests. Reading your post reminds me I need to look more into this and go to the forest more often for walks with Bella. She loves it and I love it.

  2. Beautiful trail! I agree that covering a distance sans-running is hard. I often tell my mom when we walk races together, “Walking is tiring!” There’s something about running that makes the distance not seem so bad.*

  3. Looks like such a fun date day. I loved the trail pics and the cute cafe. I hope I get to see you soon!! Did you get my email about the 15th?

  4. We go hiking every summer and I love it, but its a lot of elevation climbing which is really tough. I wish we had more flat trails. I love the waterfall! They are my fav!

  5. What a fun little getaway! The photos were lovely, and I would definitely love to eat a bunch of ice cream after a long hike like that!

    My hubby and I love to go hiking together, especially along Minnesota’s North Shore. We’re going to be in Duluth next weekend, so I hope we’ll have a change to hit up Gooseberry Falls State Park.

  6. What a fun little adventure! LOVE IT! I don’t trail run much but I always love it when I do. And YES I always find hiking to be a lot more tiring & challenging than I’d expect. Totally worth it for that lunch, though. mmmmm!!

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